Two Point Campus Upper Etching Guide

The following guide will you all about the Two Point Campus Upper Etching, and how to achieve its Star rating objectives.

Upper Etching is the seventh campus you will play while progressing through the Two Point Campus. This campus is the most challenging one to manage as many technicalities will halt your mind multiple times. 

As the game progresses, you will face many stages. Completing each with good star ratings will increase your confidence in your campus managing skills. But the Upper Etching is all set to give you a jerk. You are required to turn your ordinary students into charismatic money-making superstars provided no significant source of income.

That’s the only objective you need to complete at this stage. Still, as mentioned, it comes with a restricted income condition. You cannot earn any money from the tuition fees or the dorm room rent, as this campus provides free education access to the students.

However, there are many secondary sources to earn in Upper Etching, such as the Orb Club, increasing students’ level, etc.

So managing this campus is going to be a tough job. This guide will help you achieve the required objectives of the Upper Etching stage more smoothly in Two Point Campus.

How to unlock Upper Etching

The requirements for unlocking the Upper Etching are similar to the previous stages. Still, it has one unique aspect in it too. You must reach star level 1 in the last two stages, Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough

This is the only stage that requires a specific star rating in two stages. It makes the unlocking of Upper Etching different from the other campus stages.

You will get $250,000 as your starting funds for this stage. You need to spend the carefully because there will not be any primary source to earn while progressing through the Upper Etching.

Upper Etching Courses

The following are the two main courses unlocked in this seventh stage. 


Musicality is a three years course having 30 Course Points cost. It requires a Musicality teacher to teach the course. Students such as musicians, dancers, goths, rebels, class clowns, etc., can study this particular course. 

Countercultural Studies

It is a two years course having 20 Course Points cost. It requires a teacher qualified in countercultural studies to teach this course. Rebel-type students can study this course at the Upper Etching campus.

Campus Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

In each campus stage in Two Point Campus, specific requirements need to be completed to increase the star rating of your campus. The ultimate objective is to reach a 3-star rating for each campus, and Upper Etching is no exception. 

1-Star Campus Objectives

Campus Level 15

It is one of the four objectives you need to complete for a 1-star rating of your campus. You need to increase your campus level to level 15. To increase the level, you can do multiple things.

Adding more rooms, such as classrooms, entertainment rooms, etc., and upgrading the infrastructure instantly adds to the campus level. Upgrading the interior and decorating the room also boost the campus level. 

In addition, hiring and training staff and inducting more students also increases the campus level. Still, you must take care of the expenditure as the funds are limited in Upper Etching.

Train 1 Staff Member to Level 5 in Musicality

Musicality is one of the two courses in the Upper Etching stage. It’s a tough job to make your students superstar Musicians and Dancers by teaching Musicality. 

The learning of the students is dependent on the qualification of the staff. With time, you also need to train your staff in their required portfolios to make them highly qualified. 

Upgrading the Musicality course a couple of times helps in training the staff. This will complete the objective and provide you with more money as the students will level up faster because of the trained staff. 

Complete 3 Open Mic Events

Musicality students also have some events related to their course, known as Open Mic Events. You must build and level up the Student Lounges to hold such events. 

You must complete three such Open Mic Events to achieve this particular objective listed in the 1-star rating.

Level Up 150 Students

Students are the most valuable asset in the game, and you must take care of their requirements. To complete this final 1-star rating objective, you must level up at least 150 students. Student levels depend upon factors related to academics, social life, hygiene, etc. 

The best way to level up the students is to provide them with the best teachers and staff. Secondly, their social aspects, such as happiness, hygiene, etc., also help them level up faster. 

2-Star Campus Objectives

Earn $500,000

As the game progresses, you will start getting money from different passive income sources. Earning this much is not a tough job, but it will cost you time. 

Earning methods such as Orb Club and Students leveling up, etc., will help achieve this objective faster. You will get $2000 each time a student levels up. The Orb Club also provides money each time a student joins, but this comes at the cost of student happiness.

100 Students Attend Events

Each campus-level unlocks new activities and events in the Two Point Campus. Such events help the students relax and improve their happiness levels. One hundred students need to attend such events to complete this task.

Different rooms can host various events. Open Mic is one of the events that will unlock in Upper Etching. Similarly, many events unlocked in previous campuses can also be held, and students can attend them. 

10 Level 6 Rooms

Different rooms are available in the Two Point Campus for various activities. Academics have classrooms and labs, while the accommodation has dormitories, washrooms, etc. As the game progresses, you need to level up the rooms to meet the students’ satisfaction. 

To complete this objective, you must upgrade ten such rooms to level 6. All you need to do is to increase the room’s prestige. But in Upper Etching, you need to upgrade them at the right moment; otherwise, you can face bankruptcy due to the shortage of funds.

Average A Grade on campus

You need to maintain an overall A grade, and that’s a relatively easy job. The first thing that you need to do is make sure students are engaged in their studies. Providing them with better classrooms and study opportunities also helps them maintain good grades.

Providing students with highly qualified and trained staff and teachers also increases their average grades, which improves the campus’s overall grades.

3-Star Campus Objectives

Attractiveness Rating 80%

There are multiple ways to increase the attractiveness of your campus. The best one is to decorate it with different items and make it look presentable.

Adding posters, wall hangings, paintings, and other decorating adds to the attractiveness. Placing trees and plants in the outside area also makes it look more attractive.

Earn $2,000,000

Earning is a relatively challenging job, especially in the Upper Etching, due to the absence of the primary sources that provide you with money to run the campus. In Upper Etching, education is free, meaning there are no tuition fees or room rents. 

So you need to earn from other methods such as increasing the student level or letting them join the Orb Club. Limiting the staff and firing the high-wage teachers can also help make money.

In Upper Etching, money comes with time, so you must spend it wisely. It takes some time to earn this large amount of cash, so patience is the key here.

Campus Level 25

Increasing the campus level is one of the most straightforward tasks in the Two Point Campus. You can improve it by considering different factors such as attractiveness, student level, quality of study and qualification of the staff, etc.

Upgrading the infrastructure by adding new rooms and other entertainment facilities also helps in increasing the overall campus level.

Win Talent Show

The Talent Show is one of the four 3-star requirements in Upper Etching. It costs $10,000 and requires 3 Musicality students and a stage. It can be considered an exam, showing the student’s performance after studying the Musicality course.

Recommended student level for the Talent Show is 17. Make sure to schedule this show at the end of the academic year, as this will significantly increase the winning chances.

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