Two Point Campus Two Point University Guide

Two Point Campus offers you 12 campuses. Your first priority when running a prestigious Two Point Campus should be to reach a 3-Start Rating at the end of each semester.

With each campus stage having a certain requirement to complete, you may face some challenges in reaching your goal by the end of each semester.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Two Point University, what courses it offers, and how to reach a 3-Star Rating in Two Point Campus.

How to unlock Two Point University

Two Point University, being the final campus in Two Point Campus, will unlock as a part of the main campaign of Two Point Campus.

Two Point University Courses

There are 17 courses at Two Point University with each course providing students with unique knowledge that can favor them in their respective professional lives. Below we have listed all courses provided by Two Point University:



In this course, students will learn about technology and related information.

Virtual Normality

In this course, students will learn in-depth knowledge about Virtual Technology and its uses.


In this course, students will learn mostly about cooking in the kitchen.

Funny Business

In this course, students will get a blend of both comedy and theoretical economics.  


This course will teach students about how Artificial Intelligence can be used in their daily life.

Internet History

This course teaches students the history and context of computers before AI came into being.

General Knowledge

This course tests the students with different types of knowledge related to general facts and figures.

Knight School

This course teaches students to become aspiring Knights in shining armor.

Money Wangling

This course teaches students financial techniques to become millionaires.

Dark Art

In this course, students learn how to create a masterpiece just by following their inner emotions and thoughts.


In this course, students will learn how to perform sorcery.

Academic Exercise

If you are a fan of physical activities, then this course is best suited for you.


In this course, students will follow in the footsteps of Elvis Presley to become the musicians of tomorrow.

Countercultural Studies

In this course, students will learn about peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed material.


This course teaches students how to find ancient remains beneath the earth.

Spy School

This course will provide expertise to students interested in gadgets and equipment.

School of Thought

This course teaches students everything from ancient philosophies to conversational subtext.

Two Point University Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

Each campus in Two Point Campus requires a few specific tasks to complete to increase the overall rating of the campus. Your main goal is to reach a 3-star rating on your campus. Below we have given all objectives required to be completed for each Two Point University Star Rating.

1-Star Campus Objectives

  • Your monthly profit should be $30,000
  • Average Student Happiness should be 70%.
  • You must reach Campus Level 18.
  • At least 5 Rooms should be of Level 10.


  • Windsock Bust
  • $10,000
  • 100x Kudosh

2-Star Campus Objectives

  • Your monthly profit should be $60,000
  • Average Grade of the Campus should be “A”
  • The average Attractiveness Level should be 80%.
  • At least 5 Clubs should be of Level 5.


  • Yeti Bust
  • $20,000
  • 150x Kudosh

3-Star Campus Objectives

  • Your monthly profit should be $100,000
  • The average Happiness Rating should be 80%.
  • You must reach Campus Level 35.
  • Your Campus must have 100 A+ Student Graduates


  • Jobsworth Bust
  • Scholarly Fountain
  • $30,000
  • 200x Kudosh

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