How To Control Temperature In Two Point Campus

Maintaining an ideal temperature at the campus is as important as any other thing in Two Point Campus. If the temperature is not well maintained, it can pull away the students from the campus and will lead to poor productivity. To keep a comfortable temperature at your campus, here’s what you should do and know.

How To Regulate Temperature In Two Point Campus

You might not need to worry about the thermal comfort at every campus of Two Point Campus but only where the environmental temperature is suitable.

Take Spiffinmoor campus for the sake of argument. It is a cold campus and if not provided with radiators or heaters, the staff and students will face severely cold temperatures which definitely is not a good thing.

To get an idea of maintaining a comfortable temperature in Two Point Campus, go to Visualizations in the lower left corner of the screen. Campus in a cold region will be in need of radiators and on the contrary, you’ll need to install Air Conditioners on the campus if the environment is too hot.

You’ll not be in need of these in the very early stages of Two Point Campus and nor will they be available. It is the fourth campus where you’ll get the radiators and the ACs will be available on the fifth campus.

Once you’re aware that whether your campus needs the temperature regulation or not, getting a perfectly balanced temperature is critical. The general idea can be deducted from the tile’s color on campus. A perfectly or nearly perfect temperature will give the tiles a yellow color. If the temperature is too high, the tiles turn red and if the campus is getting too cold, the tiles will turn blue.

The campus, Spiffinmoor, requires a thermal comfort of 85% but this may vary provided the climate. But keeping all the tiles yellow does give a good thermal comfort level for everyone on campus.

To get the thermal map of the campus, go to the eyeball icon on the lower left corner of the screen and you’ll see which areas of the temperature need temperature regulation.

Putting a heater, patio lamp and campfires give a rise to the temperature and ACs do the perfect job of cooling a campus.

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