Two Point Campus Scientography Course Guide

Scientography is one of the first courses that you will be able to unlock for your dream university in Two...

Scientography is one of the first courses that you will be able to unlock for your dream university in Two Point Campus.

The course, if not already evident, relates to science and technology. You will need a Lecture Theatre and a Science Lab to add Scientography to your campus’ curriculum. You will also need a skilled Scientography teacher and a staffroom to keep the teachers happy and comfortable.

Do note that as students progress through the course and you induct more students, you will need to expand your Lecture Theatres and Science Labs. When you have enough funds, you must also consider upgrading facilities to make them perform better.

The following guide will highlight all there is to know about the Scientography course in Two Point Campus.

Scientography Course Details

Scientography has 10 levels just like all the rest of the courses in the game. Whenever you reach a new level, the number of students that can be enrolled increases by 5. Level up your course highly enough and the number of staff and rooms required will increase as well.

Below is a table that breaks down the Scientography course requirements at all of its levels.

Course Level Max Students Science Labs Required Lecture Halls Required Teachers Required
1 10 1 1 1
2 15 1 1 1
3 20 1 1 2
4 25 2 1 2
5 30 2 1 2
6 35 2 1 3
7 40 2 1 3
8 45 2 1 3
9 50 3 2 4
10 55 3 2 4

When a course reaches level 10 in the first year; it requires 4x Teachers, 2x Lecture Theaters, and 3x Science Labs.

For the second year of the course; 7x Teachers, 4x Lecture Theaters, and 4x Science Labs are required.

For the third and final year; 11x Teachers, 5x Lecture Theaters, and 6x Science Labs are needed.

Scientography Course Equipment

Science Lab Setup

For the Scientography course, Science Labs will require many different types of equipment, some of which are very costly.

The total cost of setting up one Science Lab is a minimum of $18,200. The minimum Science lab setup includes the Science Board and Science Hub.

There are many extra equipment items that can be added in the lab as well as listed below.

Equipment Cost ($)  Cost (Kudosh)
Science Shelf 600 N/A
Atom Poster 300 10
DNA Poster 300 10
Cell Poster 300 10
Science Station 3,000 15
Experiment Station 3,500 15
Microscope 16,000 150
Momentum Marbles 25,000 30
Thunder Balls 30,000 85

Library Setup

The cost of setting a Library up in Two Point Campus is $11,900 minimum. This only includes 1x Study Cubicle, 1x Bookcase, and 1x Reception Desk.

The Library also has its own extra items for you to consider adding either yourself or when students ask for them.

Equipment Cost ($) Cost (Kudosh)
Study Cubicle 300 N/A
Textbook Cubicle 400 N/A
Computer Cubicle 800 N/A
Records Cubicle 4,000 5
Scientography Bookcase 6,000 100

Scientography Course Sections

Scientography is a three-year course and over these three years, students will be taught different sections.

Year 1 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • There’s No Smoke without Science

Science Lab:

  • Now We’re Bubbling: This Means Fizzness
  • Cheese & Firecrackers: A Lit-Mouse Test

Year 2 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • Antisocial Sciences
  • Reinventing the Wheel: Can You Beat a Classic?

Science Lab:

  • Equal & Opposite Reactions

Year 3 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • Hyperlilac: The New Ultraviolet?

Science Lab:

  • Heavy Stuff: Are You Dense or Something?
  • Save Me Some: How to Share an Atom

Scientography Course Tips

Scientography has fairly low requirements since it is a beginner course. You should hence make sure to get as much out of the course as possible for your campus.

  • Not every student will do well even if you have the best teachers. Consider having a Private Tuition Room for such students to get them back on track.
  • Hygiene is important in every aspect. Make sure that your students and staff have access to bathrooms and shower rooms. Add bins to the rooms as well.
  • Have vending machines nearby to keep everyone fed.
  • Medical and Pastoral care will not only ensure happiness of students but also prevent them from dropping out.

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