How To Change Room Sizes In Two Point Campus

In Two Point Campus, the quality of your room depends on the items and accessories you have in it. Adding...

In Two Point Campus, the quality of your room depends on the items and accessories you have in it. Adding more items makes your rooms more fun for the students and also improves the look. It also enables you to have a higher Campus score alongside higher happiness levels.

However, what will you do if you run out of space to add more items in your room? The idea of enlarging the room comes to mind so that you will have additional area for more items. This article provides a detailed description of how you can change your room sizes according to your needs and in what conditions the game allows you to enlarge your rooms.

How To Make Rooms Bigger In Two Point Campus

Changing room sizes in Two Point Campus is fairly easy and doesn’t involve any complex procedures that you need to follow. The only thing you need to keep in mind before changing the size of the room is to remove any illegal items from the way.

For example, you want to enlarge a Lecture Theatre to the west, but you have a door placed on that side. Now that door is regarded as an illegal item thus it should be removed from that side before you can change the size of the room.

Now what if you don’t have space to move the door anywhere in the room? In this situation, you will have to work on the other items in the room and change their place such that some area is generated for the door to be moved. Either move them upwards or downwards and create some space to remove the door from west and place it somewhere else. Once the illegal item is out of the way, you can easily change the size of your room.

Once you are done getting the illegal items out of the way or if there weren’t any to start with, simply choose the Edit Room option from the menu that pops up once you click on the room. As soon as you drag the box next to the wall from which you want to extend the room, the area will be extended easily.

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