How To Level Up Room Prestige In Two Point Campus

The Prestige system is back in Two Point Campus but this time with a few changes. Firstly, the max cap of 5 Prestige Levels for a particular room is gone. Now, it can even go up to 10. Secondly, spamming the same decoration duplicates yields lower XP.

The Prestige system in Two Point Campus might be difficult to comprehend fully with the newly added changes. Read on through this guide to learn more about it and keep your campus top-notch.

How Room Prestige Works In Two Point Campus

You can think of the Prestige level as a measurement of the tier of a particular room. The better your rooms/halls are maintained, the higher the Prestige you get for it.

Many factors come into play when we talk about the Prestige system in Two Point Campus including decorations, availability of space, hygiene, and maintenance. You need to keep an eye on all of these factors to get the most out of them and compose an overall high Prestige level in order to reap its rewards.

Having a higher Prestige level allows your students and staff to feel happier and makes them more efficient at what they do. This also goes hand in hand with increasing the happiness of staff and students.

For example, if you take the Dormitory and pump the Prestige high enough, you should notice that the Accommodation rating goes up likewise, allowing you to generate more rent.

You will also indirectly be able to collect the rewards from some objectives that require you to have a higher prestige level in a particular room.

How To Increase Room Prestige In Two Point Campus

There are several ways to increase room Prestige. You need to focus on all of them, which is going to be easier said than done.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the tons of gameplay mechanics at work in Two Point Campus. If you are finding it hard to increase the Prestige level of a room, you just need to wait and fulfill its room requirements.

Make larger rooms

The room size can affect your Prestige in two different aspects. Firstly, the base prestige of a larger room will be relatively larger than a smaller room, meaning that you will have an initially higher prestige in a Dormitory, for example, of a 7×3 base than one with a 4×4 base.

The second great thing about having a larger room size is the ability to add more items, including decorations, to it, increasing the amount of Prestige generated even more.

Use different types of decorations

Adding decorations to a room increases its prestige, but unlike other previous games, stacking up multiple duplicates of the same decoration item in Two Point Campus actually decreases the successive prestige gained for it.

For example, if an initial decoration item bumps up the prestige for a room by 35%, then placing another would actually result in a lower increase and so on.

This is why it is recommended to use two duplicates of the same item at max and then move on to the next one because the second duplicate does not deplete the prestige gained as significantly as the third one.

Additionally, you can also decorate the exterior/surroundings by adding stuff like fireplaces, etc. to increase the average prestige level of your campus.

Pay attention to hygiene and maintenance

Putting up items like hand sanitizers or trash cans increases the hygiene score of a particular room, along with the prestige. Additionally, you can also assign janitors to maintain a particular room, bumping up that prestige even higher.

Keep an eye on the temperature

Some of the campuses might come with an area that has a great overall temperature and you don’t really have to do much about it. But others can be either cold or hot.

When a room is selected, you’ll be able to see the temperature indicated by a bar on the right side. That will tell you how to regulate temperatures. You can either place small or large Radiators to make it warmer or place Air conditioners to make it cooler.