Two Point Campus Robotics Course Guide

Introducing new and advance courses for students is a hallmark of all great universities, and since the goal of Two Point Campus is to establish an exemplary campus, you also need to offer different courses and make sure that they are upto standards. This guide will introduce you to Robotics Course and help you set up your own Robotics department in Tow Point Campus.

Robotics Requirements

Robotics is one of the advanced courses you can offer that is unlocked at the outset of Mitton University. For Robotics Course, you need to spend 30 Course Points. The average Tuition fee you get from each student is around $12,000.

There various requirements that you need to fulfill for each course that your campus offers, including specialized labs, lecture theatres and even various facilities that help your students for self study and their assignments. Following are all the requirements you must complete for a successful Robotics Course at your university in 2 Point Campus.


For the staff, your basic requirement is for a teacher that has qualification in Robotics. The teacher needs to be suitably trained for the students and teaching.


You need the following rooms on campus for Robotics Course

  • Lecture Theatre
  • Robo Construction
  • Robo Design

Self Study

Following rooms and facilities need to be provided to students to help them study better:

  • Library
  • Robo Construction
  • Robo Design


To satisfy the Self Study and Assignment requirements of students, players will have to provide the students with the following items:

  • Study Cubicle (Cost: $300)
  • Textbook Cubicle (Cost: $400)
  • Computer Cubicle (Cost: $800)
  • Records Cubicle (Cost: $4000 and 5 Kudosh)
  • Robotics Bookcase (Cost: $6000)
  • Mysterious Cube (Cost: $15000 and 100 Kudosh)
  • Sketching Board (Cost: $18000 and 50 Kudosh)
  • Mega Hand (Cost: $35000)
  • Big 3D Printer (Cost: $6000 and 100 Kudosh)
  • Small 3D Printer (Cost: $5000 and 75 Kudosh)
  • 3D Printer Table (Cost: $800)
  • Robot poster (Cost: $600 and 10 Kudosh)
  • Android Poster (Cost: $600 and 10 Kudosh)
  • Component Desk (Cost: $2800)
  • Systems Desk (Cost: $3200)
  • Head Desk (Cost: $3600)
  • Robotics Console (Cost: $3000)
  • Robotics Project (Cost: $15000)
  • Development Station (Cost: $3000)

Robotics Classes

Robotics is a three-year program, and each year has different courses along with Robo Construction and Robo Design classes.

First Year Classes

Lecture Theatre

Students will take ‘So You Want To Build a Robot?’

Robo Construction

Students will take ‘Robot Tour: Inside the Lab’ and ‘Killer Appliance: Someone Set This Thing to Evil’

Second Year

Lecture Theatre

Students will take ‘Android Types and Go Faster Stripes’

Robo Construction

Students will take ‘Avoid Robot Supremacy: Don’t be a Wally’

Robo Design

Students will take ‘One You Can Mend: Designing a Friend’

Third Year

Lecture Theatre

Students will take ‘Suck in Limb Limbo: What Goes Where?’

Robo Construction

Students will take ‘It’s Alive: A Terrifying New World’

Robo Design

Students will take ‘Advanced Functionality: It’s a Contraption!’

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