Two Point Campus Recording Studio Guide

You will obviously need a Recording Studio if your campus is considering adding the Musicality course. You cannot expect your students to learn about music without access to an actual music studio. Hence, the Recording Studio is necessary to help them complete their classes and assignments in Two Point Campus.

The following guide will run you through the Recording Studio in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Two Point Campus

The Recording Studio becomes available in Upper Etching, the seventh and mid-game stage of Two Point Campus. You will reach Upper Etching right after leveling up your campus rating in Fluffborough.

Recording Studio Requirements

You need $11,600 to build a Recording Studio on campus. However, with the number of items that you can and will add later on, that cost is going to balloon in the end.

Furthermore, you need a Music Blackboard and at least one instrument to make the Recording Studio functional. In all honesty, you are probably going to add all of the instruments available to complete the house band.

You have the following instruments available in Two Point Campus:

  • String Section: It costs $5,000.
  • Punch & Kick Drum: It costs $6,000.
  • Pianotrome: It increases Learning Power by 2% and costs $6,000.
  • Tromborgan: It increases Learning Power by 3% and costs $12,000.
  • Sound Mixer: It increases Learning Power by 4% and costs $9,000.

The minimum room size is 4×4 with a capacity to host up to eight students, something which also needs to be scaled up—more on that later.

Another requirement is for a teacher to lead the class. You will have to hire a teacher with Musicality qualifications.

Best Recording Studio Items


Recording Studio Tips

  • Make sure to build a large Recording Studio from the start so that you can later add all of the instruments.
  • There are a lot of decor items that you can add as well, which require additional space.
  • The Recording Studio needs a good temperature regulation. Your students can’t practice music in the summers without air conditioning.

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