Two Point Campus Potions Room Guide

The Wizardry students on your campus will require a Potions Room to complete their assignments and hone their skills. You cannot expect them to pass the Dark Art course without being able to make any potions.

The following guide will walk you through the Potions Room in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Potions Room

The Potions Room is a facility that you’ll build later on in the game. Spiffinmoore, the fifth campus in the game, is where you will unlock the Potions Room. This will be besides the Dark Art course.

Potions Room Requirements

It is going to cost $16,100 to build a Potions Room on your campus. The room also has a minimum size requirement of 6×6.

Lastly, and obviously, you will require a teacher who has good Wizardry qualifications.

Best Potions Room Items And Rooms

  • Magic Cauldron: A required item for the Potions Room. It will cost you $11,000.
  • Magic Books: A decorative item placed in the Potions Room. It will cost you $300.

Potions Room Tips

  • The Magic Cauldron takes a huge amount of space. Hence, make sure to build a little larger room, but not that large because there isn’t really much else that you can put in a Potions Room.
  • You can still add a bunch of other items such as plants, Radiators, and magic books but apart from that, don’t use up all of your cash on decorative especially considering how you’ll start from scratch and will have to save money to buy more items in the future.

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