Two Point Campus Pebberley Ruins Guide

This guide will go over Stage 2 of Two Point Campus and explain all that awaits you at the Pebberley Ruins.

Pebberley Ruins is the eighth campus players will visit in Two Points Campus. Ruins surround this campus, and thus while exploring these ancient ruins, there’s a high chance for players to find some great treasure.

At this campus, players’ primary objective is to excavate ancient treasures for academic and financial reasons. Players need to manage the campus building and the number of adjacent digs.

Pebberley Ruins has a lot to offer gamers of Two Point Campus. To tell you more, we have put together this guide to explain everything in detail about the Pebberley Ruins Stage in the Two Point Campus.

How to unlock Pebberley Ruins

Pebberley Ruins in Two Campus Points has certain prerequisites. As the game advances, players visit different campuses and complete various objectives.

To unlock Pebberley Ruins, players must first achieve a One-star campus rating in Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough. Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough are the sixth and seventh campuses players will visit while playing the game.

This is the only way for players to unlock Pebberley Ruins. Players need to be very cautious if they still need to catch up on the one-star objective at Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough.

Once it is unlocked, the players, unlike other campuses, will start from land and not some great building. Thus players will need to develop a campus building first. Later, archaeology students will explore the sites and find artifacts as the academic year passes and students find more artifacts. They can then sell these artifacts to generate income.

If players have earned enough by selling these artifacts, they should make the Dig site bigger because the bigger it is there’s more chance for students to find the artifacts further easily.

Pebberley Ruins Courses

Pebberley Ruins, unlike others, doesn’t offer multiple courses. Instead, it offers one course which is Archaeology. This course will teach how to dig sites and thus explore the artifacts buried deep inside.

The artifacts found can then be sold, generating huge profits, or you use them to decorate the campus.

To unlock Archaeology, you must purchase a plot before its net worth is $80,000. Once the plot is purchased, the course will open automatically.

How to complete Pebberley Ruins star objectives

In Two Point Campus, there are specific requirements to take your campus to the next milestone, and the end goal is to turn your campus into a 3-Star campus. Here, we’ll go over every goal gamers must accomplish to earn their university a star rating.

The objectives for 1 Star and 2 Star are comparably straightforward. These will practically finish themselves and don’t require any techniques; hence, we will only state these objectives.

However, the objectives for 3 star requires tactics; thus, there is a complete strategy for all the objectives you need to get your campus ranked as three stars.

1 star rating objectives

Campus Level 12 

Players need to hire qualified staff to level up their campus, increase the number of students, construct a new building, and maintain it.

  • Level 10 Archaeology Students: 10 
  • Players need to train 1 staff member to level 5
  • Excavate a minimum of 15 Artefacts

2 star rating objectives

  • Campus Level 18
  • Most of the students on campus should be B+
  • Student Average Happiness = 70%
  • Excavate a minimum of 30 Artefacts

3 star rating objectives

  • Campus Level 24

A+ Grade Classes: 30

Players need to train their teachers, so they are closer to level 10. Players need to enhance the faculty to receive a lot of A+ grades in their classes. Also, give a few levels of security to janitors. Thus to significantly raise those grades, upgrade anything that can be upgraded.

Attractiveness Rating must be 75%

The attractiveness has a lot to do with the artifacts which students find. Thus, while selling those artifacts, players should remember that it will affect their attractiveness rather than just selling all those for income.

The accomplishment of 75% attractiveness is arguably the most challenging because Dig Sites only have one feature that might boost their attraction: the Fire Pit. However, it should not be used because it will overheat everyone who works there.

If money is not an issue, you can make the campus attractive by placing objects outside (be careful, though; many of them reduce beauty).

Sell Artifacts and earn $200,000 

This objective doesn’t have such technical aspects; keep looking for artifacts and sell them to earn a minimum of $200,000 so you can get a three-star ranking.

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