Two Point Campus Panic Room Guide

Panic Room is a mandatory room requirement for the Spy School course in Two Point Campus. This is where young spies-in-the-making will head to complete their classes and assignments.

Read on to learn more about Panic Rooms and the procedure and requirements to unlock them. Furthermore, the best and recommended items will also be listed which you can add to your rooms to make them even better.

How To Unlock Panic Room

You will be able to make a Panic Room after completing the first academic year at Blundergrad, the ninth campus in the game.

Panic Room Requirements

A Panic Room will not come cheap. It carries a base cost of $35,100 and a minimum size requirement of 12×6.

You will also need a teacher with Spy School qualifications to teach your students how to spy in Two Point Campus.

Finally, your Panic Room will not be complete without a Stealth Obstacle Course which costs $25,000 and takes up a lot of space.


Best Panic Room Items


Panic Room Tips


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