Two Point Campus Noblestead Guide

The Noblestead Campus in Two Point Campus introduces a society of Knights to your university. It offers knighthood, jousting, invader defense practice and even introduces you to the field of medicine.

If you’re looking to take your Noblestead Campus to 3-stars, look no further than this guide. Our guide will walk you through every bit of information you need to know about the Noblestead Campus in Two Point Campus, including its campus requirements, courses, tips and star-rating objectives.

How to Unlock Noblestead Campus

The Noblestead Campus is unlocked in the same way as every other campus in 2 Point Campus. To unlock it, you must acquire at least a 1-star rating in the previous campus.

Noblestead is the fourth campus in 2 Point Campus. The campus preceding it is Mitton University. So, you’ll need to work on getting your Mitten University up to at least 1-star. Once your Mitton University has a rating of 1-star or higher, the Noblestead Campus will be unlocked. The starting budget for your Noblestead Campus will be $250,000.

Noblestead Campus Requirements

The Noblestead Campus has the following three requirements.

You can start off by building a normal-sized Lecture Theatre inside the main building. After that, use the open field outside to construct a Battle Ground. Make sure to make it relatively large as it’ll be used a lot by the students of the campus.

For your Knight School Teacher, you’ll have to choose from Penelope Aubergine or Frank Casserole. Both of these teachers will take $29,000 as their starting salary.

Once you’ve completed the Campus Requirements, the game will introduce you to its Medical Care system. So your first objective after completing the Campus Requirements will be to construct a Medical Office.

Noblestead Campus Courses

The main course offered by the Noblestead Campus is Knight School. In this course, the students will learn what it really means to be a Knight.

And just like with other campuses, the more Course Points you accumulate, the more additional courses you can add from your other campuses.

How to Purchase More Plots to Expand Noblestead Campus

To buy new plots for your Noblestead Campus buildings, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money. The cost of these plots scales up with each new campus/level that you unlock.

This means that new plots for the Noblestead Campus will cost much more than the plots you bought for Mitton University.

However, one good thing about the Noblestead Campus is that most of its activities take place outside. This means that when you’re purchasing plots, you can opt for a cheaper option – the empty plots.

The cost of all 6 plots for the Noblestead Campus are listed below.

  • Plot #2 – $25k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot #3 – $50k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot #4 – $35k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot #5 – $70k (Empty) and $85k (Building)
  • Plot #6 – $75k (Empty) and $90k (Building)
  • Plot #7 – $65k (Empty) and $50k (Building)

How to Increase Nobelstead Star Level

To increase the star rating of the Noblestead Campus, you’ll need to fulfill the respective objective for each star rating. Below, we’ve listed the objectives for the Noblestead Campus Star Ratings.

Noblestead Campus 1-Star Rating Objectives

  • Cure 5 Medical Issues (Rewards: £10,000/100 Kudosh)
  • Attractiveness Rating of 75% (Rewards: Spiffinmoore, Fluffborough)
  • 10x B+ Grade Knight School Classes (Rewards: Nature Club Stand, Topiary)
  • Remove 15 Invaders

Noblestead Campus 2-Star Rating Objectives

  • Win Jousting Tournament (Rewards: £20,000/150 Kudosh)
  • Build a Level 5 Battle Ground, Jousting Field and Medical Office (Rewards: Action Film)
  • 80x Students on Campus (Rewards: The Grand Joust)
  • Develop 10 New Romances

Noblestead Campus 3-Star Rating Objectives

  • Win The Grant Joust (Rewards: £30,000/200 Kudosh)
  • Campus Level 20 (Rewards: Western Film)
  • Average Student Happiness 75% (Helmet Display)
  • A Grade Knight School Students Graduate

Noblestead Campus Tips

If you want to develop your Noblestead Campus in the quickest and most efficient way possible, follow the tips we’ve listed below.

Campus Invaders

The Noblestead Campus introduces a new mechanic to Two Point Campus in the form of Invaders.

Your Noblestead Campus will be regularly invaded by rogue Knights. And to get rid of them, you’ll need to train your Janitors in Security.

Training your Janitors for these invasions is actually very important as not only will it keep the campus safe, it’ll also help you complete a crucial objective for your campus’ 1-star rating.

Medical Care

Another new mechanic introduced by the Noblestead Campus is the Medical Care system.

While observing your students in the Noblestead Campus, you’ll sometimes find some students with a green icon floating above their heads. This green icon signifies that the students are ill and need medical care.

If a student is ill for too long, it will start to take a toll on their happiness. To cure the students of their illnesses, you’ll need to hire an expert in medicine.

Take Care of the Students’ Health

As mentioned earlier in this guide, if a student falls sick and is not treated quickly, it will have a negative impact on their happiness.

Because of this, it is paramount to invest in a medical expert for your Medical Care Center. You need to keep a close eye out for students suffering from health issues, which is signified by a green icon above their head.

Whenever you spot a student that’s sick, make sure to get them treated as quickly as you can.

Train Your Janitors

The only line of defense you’ll have to fight against the invaders will be your Janitors. For them to be able to take down the invaders, they need to be trained in security.

You’ll need to train quite a few Janitors if you want to complete the “Remove 15 Invaders” objective for the 1-star Rating.

Invest in Decorations

If you think that decorations serve no purpose beyond just making the campus look pretty, you’re quite wrong.

Not only do interior and exterior decorations make everything look more pleasing, they also increase the happiness of the staff and students. The less attractive the campus is, the more likely the students are to drop out.

Construct Lost of Trees and Branches

The final objective for the 2-star rating is to develop 10 new romances. Unfortunately, developing romances takes a lot of time.

But to increase the likelihood of students developing romances, you can invest in lots of trees and benches. This will increase the interactions between students, which will result in more romances.

Invest in Private Tuition

One of the objectives for the 3-star rating is to have A-Grade Knight School Students Graduate.

If your students are stuck on a B or B+ Grade and don’t seem to be improving, it’d be very wise to invest money into Private Tuition. This will help them get up to an A-Grade in their results.

Delay The Grand Joust to the Very End

The Grand Joust will be the biggest jousting event ever. Your students will be up against a very skilled opponent who should not be taken lightly.

To defeat this opponent, your students will need lots of time to train. Ergo, you should schedule The Grand Joust event at the very end of the year to give your students lots of extra time.

During this time, make sure they’re leveling up as much as possible and they are happy and healthy throughout.