Two Point Campus Noblestead Guide

The Noblestead Campus in Two Point Campus introduces a society of Knights to your university. It offers knighthood, jousting, invader defense practice and even introduces you to the field of medicine.

If you’re looking to take your Noblestead Campus to 3-stars, look no further than this guide. Our guide will walk you through every bit of information you need to know about the Noblestead Campus in Two Point Campus, including its campus requirements, courses, tips and star-rating objectives.

How to Unlock Noblestead Campus

The Noblestead Campus is unlocked in the same way as every other campus in 2 Point Campus. To unlock it, you must acquire at least a 1-star rating in the previous campus.

Noblestead is the fourth campus in 2 Point Campus. The campus preceding it is Mitton University. So, you’ll need to work on getting your Mitten University up to at least 1-star. Once your Mitton University has a rating of 1-star or higher, the Noblestead Campus will be unlocked. The starting budget for your Noblestead Campus will be $250,000.

Noblestead Campus Requirements

The Noblestead Campus has the following three requirements.

You can start off by building a normal-sized Lecture Theatre inside the main building. After that, use the open field outside to construct a Battle Ground. Make sure to make it relatively large as it’ll be used a lot by the students of the campus.


For your Knight School Teacher, you’ll have to choose from Penelope Aubergine or Frank Casserole. Both of these teachers will take $29,000 as their starting salary.

Noblestead Campus Courses

The main course offered by the Noblestead Campus is Knight School. In this course, the students will learn what it really means to be a Knight.

And just like with other campuses, the more Course Points you accumulate, the more additional courses you can add from your other campuses.

Once you’ve completed the Campus Requirements, the game will introduce you to its Medical Care system. So your first objective after completing the Campus Requirements will be to construct a Medical Office.

Noblestead Campus Courses

The main course offered by the Noblestead Campus is Knight School. In this course, the students will learn what it really means to be a Knight.

And just like with other campuses, the more Course Points you accumulate, the more additional courses you can add from your other campuses.

You can also buy new plots for your Noblestead Campus buildings, but you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money. The cost of these plots scales up with each new campus/level that you unlock.

This means that new plots for the Noblestead Campus will cost much more than the plots you bought for Mitton University.

However, one good thing about the Noblestead Campus is that most of its activities take place outside. This means that when you’re purchasing plots, you can opt for a cheaper option – the empty plots.

The cost of all 6 plots for the Noblestead Campus are listed below.

Plot NumberCost – Empty PlotCost with Building
2 $25k $40k
3 $50k $40k
4 $35k $40k
5 $70k $85k
6 $75k $90k
7 $65k $50k 

Campus Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

To increase the star rating of the Noblestead Campus, you’ll need to fulfill the respective objective for each star rating. Below, we’ve listed the objectives for the Noblestead Campus Star Ratings.

1-Star Rating Objectives

Cure 5 Medical Issues

Players will be required to construct the medical office and hire a qualified assistant for it to accomplish this task. Over time, this task will complete automatically, rewarding the player with £10,000/100 Kudosh. 

Attractiveness Rating of 75%

This is a stat that evaluates your campus’s beauty and attractiveness. If your campus’s attractiveness rating is low, you can improve it by adding certain pieces of furniture and decorations in the hallways and rooms. 

Before placing an item in an area, read its description first to evaluate if it will affect your campus’s attractiveness. 

Upon accomplishing this task, players will be rewarded with, Spiffinmoore and Fluffborough. 

10x B+ Grade Knight School Classes

When you’re adding new courses to your curriculum, the schedules of all the students will automatically be updated, adding different classes to their timetables. However, for the students to maintain good grades in all these courses, it is essential to check certain factors closely. This includes their happiness level and the provision of the right equipment and qualified teachers.  

Upon completion, players will get Nature Club Stand and Topiary. 

Remove 15 Invaders

To accomplish this task, players will be required to remove a total of 15 invaders, which are students from other rival schools attempting to tamper with your school’s equipment. To remove these invaders on time, ensure your Janitors are equipped and trained with Security Skills. 

2-Star Rating Objectives

Win Jousting Tournament

Similar to the cooking competition, the Jousting Competition does not require the player to do much. All you’re required to do is ensure that your students are scoring decent grades in the Knightschool, and you’ll be well off on victory. Upon completion, players will get £20,000/150 Kudosh.

Build a Level 5 Battle Ground, Jousting Field, and Medical Office

Leveling up the three of these constructions is relatively easy. However, it requires the players to spend a lot of money on it. To increase the level of these constructions, you’re required to make them attractive by buying different furniture and decoration pieces. Upon completion of this task, players will receive Action Film.

80x Students on Campus

You can increase the total number of students enrolled by offering new courses and upgrading the existing ones. Once this task is complete, players will get the Grand Joust. 

Develop 10 New Romances

Players must place love benches throughout the campus to develop new romances. You can purchase them from the exterior catalog, so buy plenty and place them throughout the campus!

3-Star Rating Objectives

Win the Grant Joust

Winning the Grant Joust is challenging since this is the most demanding competition to win among all the other competitions.

Unless your students are averaging an A in the knight class, they’ll most likely be required to attempt the competition multiple times before they can score a win. Upon scoring the win, players will get £30,000/200 Kudosh.

Campus Level 20

Increasing your campus level happens over time since it requires players to construct new buildings and upgrade existing ones while hiring better staff. This process requires time, money requires a lot of patience from the players. 

Average Student Happiness 75%

To ensure that your campus thrives and stays above a happiness rating of 75%, it is crucial to ensure that your students have the basic facilities and several different forms of entertainment.

Additionally, make sure that the infrastructure and the faculty are top-notch, which will help you secure a happiness rating of 75%. Upon completion of this task, players will get Helmet Display. 

A Grade Knight School Students Graduate

This objective can be easily checked off if your players can average an A in their Knight Class. Otherwise, improving their grades and giving this competition a few tries is essential, which will help you secure a win. 

Lastly, to help you achieve all these tasks faster, here are a few things you should remain mindful of. 

Occasionally, players will encounter invaders that must be dealt with quickly. To ensure that they’re removed in time, make sure to train your Janitors in Security

The medical care system is another thing players should remain mindful of. Certain students will have a green icon floating above them, which means that they require medical help. To treat these students, you’re required to hire a medicine expert

Also, invest in Private Tuition since this will help increase your student’s grades, which is essential when trying to win competitions.