Two Point Campus Mitton University Guide

If you’re looking for a majestic route to education in Two Point Campus, Mitton University is the answer. Mitton University is a long-standing university with high prestige, but things can change quickly if you’re not watchful. To avoid this, read through our guide, which explains everything there is to know about Mitton University.

In Two Point Campus, Mitton University will be your first crash course in advanced budgeting and task management; it will undoubtedly put some players to the test. So, if you want to get along, you should definitely consult our guide; it will put you on the right track.

To begin, Mitton University in 2 Point Campus offers research and staff training. You’ll discover it as an outdated campus in need of a modern touch, and you’ll be in charge of reintroducing research and training to improve the staff and machines.

How to Unlock Mitton University

To unlock Mitton University in 2 Points Campus, you must have at least a one-star rating at Piazza Lanatra. You can proceed to Mitton University once you have received a one-star rating at Piazza Lanatra.

Mitton University begins with a substantial $350,000 budget in 2 Point Campus. This money may appear to be more than enough, but don’t celebrate just yet, for it comes at the expense of an enormous space to manage and more objectives to complete.

Mitton University Courses

At Mitton University, a total of two courses are on offer. One is the starting course, Robotics. The other is the Internet History course. The first course is already unlocked, but the second course, Internet History, is unlocked when you achieve a 1 Star campus rating.

Take note that, as evidenced by the star challenges, Mitton University also ensures that you develop friskier relationships throughout the Academic Year.

How to Purchase More Plots to Expand Mitton University

The campus building may appear to be problematic at first glance, but the reality is quite the opposite. The unusual shape of the building is actually larger than it appears; most of the items you will initially require can be fit into its various nooks and crannies.

This also ensures room for students to roam about in the central area of the building. However, after the initial build, there’ll be less room for expansion, so you’ll have to resort to purchasing some extra space; it is therefore recommended to make sure you have some money left over for expansion purposes.

There are nine plots available for purchase for the expansion of Mitton University. The price of the plots ramps up along with each purchase.

The first plot doesn’t require any purchase so in actuality, there are a total of nine plots for the construction of the Mitton University. All of the prices are listed below.

  • Plot 2 – $30k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot 3 – $30k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot 4 – $30k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot 5 –$30k (Empty) and $40k (Building)
  • Plot 6 – $40k (Empty) and $50k(Building)
  • Plot 7 – $40k (Empty) and $50k (Building)
  • Plot 8 – $50k (Empty) and $60k (Building)
  • Plot 9 – $50k (Empty) and $60k (Building)

Mitton University Star Rating

This section will go over Mitton University Star Ratings and explain the objectives required to complete them.

1 Star Rating – Mitton University

  • Campus Level 12 (Rewards: £10000 / 100 Kudosh)
  • 10x Level 6 Robotics Students (Rewards: Noblestead, Internet History)
  • Build a Robot (Rewards: Computer Lab, Book Club Stand)
  • Complete 2 Research Projects

2 Star Rating – Mitton University

  • Train a teacher to Level 5 in Robotics (Rewards: £20000 / 150 Kudosh)
  • 40 Students attend events (Rewards: Sci-Fi Film)
  • Average B+ Grade in Robotics (Rewards: Honour Rollers)
  • Develop 3 Sweethearts Romances

3 Star Rating – Mitton University

  • 100x Students on Campus (Rewards: £30000 / 200 Kudosh)
  • 55% Average Staff Happiness (Rewards: Western Film)
  • Upgrade 10 Items (Rewards: Robot Display)
  • 30 A-Grade Robotics Students Graduate

Campus Tips

Here are some tips that’ll help you in the longer run.

  • When it comes to the training of staff members, the plus is that Mitton University has the perk to queue up multiple staff members for training at once saving you precious time.
  • You can adjust the Staff pays in the Campus Overview Screen; this helps a great deal with three-star goals.
  • In addition to indoor radiators, outdoor heating items can be found in the exterior items tab.
  • Set aside some money for research projects and machine upgrades.
  • The more staff you have, the more satisfied your students will be.
  • You should also invest in commercial projects because they can net you money

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