Two Point Campus Mitton University Guide

If you’re looking for a majestic route to education in Two Point Campus, Mitton University is the answer. Mitton University...

If you’re looking for a majestic route to education in Two Point Campus, Mitton University is the answer. Mitton University is a long-standing prestigious university, but things can change quickly if you’re not watchful. To avoid this, read through our guide, which explains everything there is to know about Mitton University.

Mitton University will be your first crash course in advanced budgeting and task management at Two Point Campus. It will undoubtedly put some players to the test. So, if you want to get along, you should consult our guide; it will put you on the right track.

To begin, Mitton University in 2 Point Campus offers research and staff training. You’ll discover it as an outdated campus needing a modern touch. You’ll be in charge of reintroducing research and training to improve the Staff and machines.

How to Unlock Mitton University

To unlock Mitton University in 2 Points Campus, you must have at least a one-star rating at Piazza Lanatra. You can proceed to Mitton University once you have received a one-star rating at Piazza Lanatra.

Mitton University begins with a substantial $350,000 budget in 2 Point Campus. This money may appear to be more than enough, but don’t celebrate just yet, for it comes at the expense of an enormous space to manage and more objectives to complete.

Mitton University Courses

At Mitton University, a total of two courses are on offer. One is the starting course, Robotics. The other is the Internet History course. The first course is already unlocked, but the second course, Internet History, is unlocked when you achieve a 1 Star campus rating.

Take note that, as evidenced by the star challenges, Mitton University also ensures that you develop friskier relationships throughout the Academic Year.

The campus building may appear to be problematic at first glance, but the reality is quite the opposite. The unusual shape of the building is actually larger than it appears; most of the items you will initially require can be fit into its various nooks and crannies.

This also ensures room for students to roam about in the central area of the building. However, after the initial build, there’ll be less room for expansion, so you’ll have to resort to purchasing some extra space; it is therefore recommended to make sure you have some money left over for expansion purposes.

There are nine plots available for purchase for the expansion of Mitton University. The price of the plots ramps up along with each purchase.

The first plot doesn’t require any purchase so in actuality, there are a total of nine plots for the construction of Mitton University. All of the prices are listed below.

Plot No.Cost – Empty LandCost With Buildings
Plot 2$30k$40k
Plot 3$30k$40k
Plot 4$30k$40k
Plot 5$30k$40k
Plot 6$40k$50k
Plot 7$40k$50k
Plot 8$50k$60k
Plot 9$50k$60k

Campus Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

This section will go over Mitton University Star Ratings and explain the objectives required to complete them.

1-Star Rating Objectives

Upgrade your Campus to Level 12

Leveling up your campus is relatively easy. It only requires players to hire qualified staff, construct new campus buildings, and increase student intake.

If you’re unsure about the kind of buildings, you should construct classrooms, bathrooms, medical rooms, etc. Anything that will give your campus more rooms will allow you to receive a larger amount of XP. Upon fulfilling this requirement, players will be rewarded with £10000 / 100 Kudosh.

Build a Robot

To complete this objective, players are required to construct a robotics class, and by the end of the course year, this objective is achieved automatically. You’ll be rewarded with Computer Lab and Book Club Stand upon completion.

10x Level 6 Robotics Students

Leveling up your students is pretty straightforward. It only requires you to ensure they’re happy and fulfill all their needs. Added to that, make sure that they have qualified teachers and get ample necessaries to complete their assignments. Players get rewards like Noblestead and Internet History upon completing this task.

Complete two Research Projects

Completing this task may be tricky due to the vast amount of research projects available. Completing the General Knowledge Course and The Research Hub II projects is recommended. Not only will completing these projects unlock a new course, but they’ll also complete relatively quickly.

2-Star Rating Objectives

Train a Teacher to Level 5 in Robotics

 Before you can level up your teachers, players must first upgrade their course in the Course Management menu to the highest qualification. After upgrading it, you’ll unlock the option to upgrade your staff members. Upon completion, this task will reward you with £20000 / 150 Kudosh

40 Students Attend Events

This is one of the more straightforward tasks since you’re only required to host an event in Lecture Theater, Student Lounge, or Student Unions. Click on any of these rooms, and select the option of setting up an event. After selecting the event of your choice, slot it within an available time frame. Students will now attend this event, completing this objective. Upon completion, players will get Sci-Fi Film.

Average B+ Grade in Robotics

To ensure that your students score a higher grade, it is crucial to ensure that they have both qualified teachers and the necessary learning facilities available on campus. Lastly, ensure your students are happy since their mood can affect their learning capabilities. Upon completion, players get Honour Rollers as a reward.

Develop 3 Sweetheart Romances

Before developing sweetheart romances, it is necessary first to provide the required facilities to the students. You’ll be required to place a Love Bench and a Tree Bench for your students. You can buy both of these from the Exterior Items catalog.

3-Star Rating Objectives

100x Students on Campus

You can increase the total number of students enrolled by offering new courses and upgrading the existing ones. Once this task is completed, players will be rewarded with £30000 / 200 Kudosh.

55% Average Staff Happiness

To increase your staff’s happiness, ensuring they have the essential facilities and ample time for staff breaks is vital. You should also gradually increase the staff pay, through annual increases, which will improve their happiness. Players will get a Western Film upon completion of this task.

Upgrade 10 Items

This is one of the more straightforward tasks since players are just required to click on an item of their choice and upgrade it. However, you must have a janitor specializing in mechanics before you can upgrade any item. The completion of this task will reward players with Robot Display.

30 A-Grade Robotics Students Graduate

Helping your students get good grades depends upon a wide variety of factors which includes their happiness, the facilities provided, the faculty, and much more. The combination of all these factors comes together to help ensure that your students score good grades. So make sure to provide them with top-notch staff and facilities, helping them graduate with an A-grade.  

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