How To Farm Kudosh In Two Point Campus

There are two kinds of currencies in Two Point Campus: money and Kudosh. You will need money to spend on pretty much everything in the game. However, Kudosh becomes relevant later on when you have to unlock items and cosmetics to improve your campus.

The following guide will shed more light on Kudosh as a premium currency and explain how you can earn Kudosh fast in Two Point Campus.

How To Use Kudosh In Two Point Campus

When cruising around your Campus and checking up on the staff and students, you’ll often find them requesting some form of special furniture, decor, or cosmetics in general.

You might want to give them what they want as it’s essential to maintain and increase their happiness levels. Happier students will get good grades and prevent them from dropping out. Happier teachers on the other hand will perform their duties well to ensure students get good grades. Both work hand in hand to increase your campus’ reputation.

These types of items they ask for are often only unlocked through Kudosh.

Do keep in that only the items in the item shop marked with the Kudosh symbol can be bought with the respective currency, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly acquire the item.


Spending Kudosh on a locked item will simply allow you to purchase the item, with the other type of cash, that is.

Also, note that you can only earn Kudosh in the game. You cannot purchase Kudosh with real money through microtransactions.

How To Earn Kudosh Fast In Two Point Campus

You initially start the game off with quite a number of Kudosh to spend. But, as the game kind of forces you to spend them a lot, they can often be hard to come by.

Eventually, you’ll start looking for means to earn more and more Kudosh faster. Kudosh can mainly be unlocked by completing certain special quests that the game has to offer in the form of career goals. You can check them out via the briefcase icon on the top right corner of the screen.

There are many other ways that you can implement to earn Kudosh Faster. All of them are mentioned and described below.

Career Goals

Perhaps the best way to earn Kudosh, particularly in bulk, is by completing Career Goals. If you look at the Briefcase icon on the top right portion of the screen and open it up, you should see all of the Career Goals that you need to complete. These Goals might take quite some time to complete, but offer a lot of Kudosh in turn. As you keep crossing milestones, the number of Kudosh you receive increases significantly in turn.

Campus Stars

Campus Stars are also a good way to earn Kudosh. In Two Point Campus, players need to complete various missions. Each of these missions has some Star Challenges associated with them. By completing these difficult star challenges players can farm large amounts of Kudosh.

Research Projects

In Two Point Campus, players can do various commercial projects and achieve different goals to earn Kudos. This can be done when players have advanced enough in the game that the Research Lab is unlocked.

This method isn’t that recommended because it offers comparatively fewer Kudosh than the rest of them, often about 25 Kudosh per project researched.

This method, however, is guaranteed to give Kudosh depending on the task, so it can be used in a pinch when you require a small amount of Kudosh to complete the job.

Random Objectives

Throughout your journey in Two Point Campus you’ll encounter a lot of smaller objectives or some visitors that come to inspect different parts of your Campus.

Players don’t need to worry about missing them as they will get to know about these objectives as the message will pop up on their screens.

These objectives and visitors often reward Kudosh if they are satisfied. Though they only offer a small amount of Kudosh – about 5 to 10.

Annual Awards

At the end of the year awards, you should be able to earn a few Kudosh if you win some of them. You get about 10 Kudosh for every award that you get, which are basic stuff like the Teacher of the Year Award etc.

So if you’ve been a great manager all around all year, you might have an opportunity to earn a plethora of Kudosh.

However, there’s no guarantee regarding this method all you can do is be a great manager and pray.


While you’re playing the game, you might come across some bookworms on some campuses. These bookworms spawn randomly and can be popped for a chance to receive about 5 Kudosh.

To earn Kudosh from this method, players need to be vigilant as they pop out of the group and go back really quickly. If you click on any one of them you” ll get Kudosh.