Two Point Campus Knight School Course Guide

Knight School is a course that becomes later in the game. Students enrolled in the Knight School course get to...

Knight School is a course that becomes later in the game. Students enrolled in the Knight School course get to participate in the Jousting Fields and Battle Grounds as part of the course curriculum in Two Point Campus.

The following guide will explain how to unlock the Knight School, its course requirements, and tips to know in the game.

How To Unlock Knight School

The Knight School course becomes available after you reach Noblestead, the fourth campus in the game that gets unlocked after Mitton University.

Knight School Requirements

The first thing you need to do is hire a teacher who is skilled in Knight School qualifications. Take note that a Knight School teacher can only teach until level 3. You will need to upgrade your Knight School course with 30 CP if you want to train your teachers beyond that level.

The second thing you need for your Knight School course is a Lecture Theatre, a Battle Ground, and a Jousting Field.

Lecture Theatre and Battle Ground ensure that students complete their various classes and assignments. Jousting Field does the same but can also be used to host Jousting events for the entertainment of your students.

You will also need to have a Library. Students will ask for one if you do not because Libraries are important for certain assignments.

Best Knight School Items

  • Dragon Tower
  • Combat Dummy
  • Prince Dummy
  • Princess Dummy
  • Festive Tent
  • Knight School Bookcase
  • Bookcase
  • Artillery
  • Stockade
  • Record Cubicle
  • Computer Cubicle
  • Textbook Cubicle
  • Study Cubicle

Knight School Course Sections

Knight School is a three-year course and over these three years, students will be taught different sections. We have listed all the course sections below.

Year 1 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • An introduction to Chivalry

Battle Ground:

Practical Knighthood

  • Finding the Pointy-End

Year 2 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • Coats & Arms

Battle Ground:

  • Squiring in the Field

Jousting Field:

  • Meeting Your Horse

Year 3 Outline

Battle Ground:

  • Charming & Disarming

Jousting Field:

  • It’s Called a Lance
  • Getting Back on Your Horse

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