Two Point Campus Jousting Field Guide

Jousting Field is an academic facility that can only be made outside on the campus grounds. The reason is that it requires a large amount of space.

You need a Jousting Field to help Knight School students complete their assignments. The field can also be used to host Jousting events for additional entertainment benefits.

The following guide will show you how to unlock and meet all the requirements of a Jousting Field in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Jousting Field

The Jousting Field first becomes available in Year 1 of the Knight School Course in the Noblestead. Although you don’t necessarily need it in the 1st Year, building the Jousting Field becomes compulsory in the 2nd Year of the Knight School Course.

Jousting Field Requirements

You’ll need to pay quite a hefty bunch of money to build the Jousting Field which is about $28,100. On top of that, the minimum requirement of the Field’s base is 12×8, which is huge, and honestly, doesn’t even come close to the recommended requirement if you want to increase its Prestige level.

Though it is said to be a ‘room’, the Jousting Field obviously cannot be built inside your main structure, it has to be in an open plot outside of it, preferably next to the Battle Ground.

It also requires a teacher with a qualification in the Knight School Courses.

Best Jousting Field Items

So you’ve got the base of the Jousting Field laid out, now it’s time to place the items. Refer to the list below to learn about the different items you can place in the Jousting Field.

  • Jousting Track: This will be the main thing here as it serves as a platform where for the horses to charge.
  • Festive Tent: This is also a mandatory placement and quite large in size, so it’s recommended to build a larger base to accommodate it.
  • Grand Entrance: This is the base requirement of all outdoor rooms in the Knight School, which serves as a main entrance to the field.
  • Other Items: Once you get the necessary items down, you can add all the other items like dummies or archery targets to make the field more wholesome.

Jousting Field Tips

  • Like most of the other structures/facilities, it is also recommended to build a larger base than the standard minimum requirement.
  • If you have a larger Field, you should still have plenty of space available after placing the Jousting Track and the Festive Tent. You can use this space to add extra stuff like benches, flags, barrels, archery targets, dummies, etc. to make it look more aesthetic.
  • You can often start Jousting Tournaments to really get the most out of the Jousting Field.