How To Increase Campus Hygiene In Two Point Campus

Maintaining a high hygiene rating is crucial to your progress in Two Point Campus. Having a clean environment will not...

Maintaining a high hygiene rating is crucial to your progress in Two Point Campus. Having a clean environment will not only increase the performance of your students and staff but also ensure that they do not fall sick. Your campus rating also depends on your hygiene levels.

The following guide will explain all the ways in which you can increase the hygiene levels of your campus.

How Hygiene Works In Two Point Campus

There are certain hygiene levels that you must meet in Two Point Campus. If the hygiene rating of a single room falls below the requirement, not only will the staff and students become unhappy and inefficient but chances are that the low hygiene is going to spread to nearby areas as well.

Hygiene is directly linked to room Prestige. You will hence need a high hygiene rating to level up room Prestige on your campus.

Take note that each room and each campus building has its own hygiene levels. Hence, to maintain a high hygiene level, you need to maintain hygiene all over the campus and not just a few main rooms.

Hygiene also plays a crucial role in your income. A high hygiene rating will help you make money fast with more students enrolling themselves. There are other factors as well linked to hygiene that will increase your profits.

When you have a high prestige level you can invite inspectors to come and check your campus for its cleanliness and if pass you make a good amount of money.

How To Increase Hygiene In Two Point Campus

There are different ways to increase hygiene in the game, most of which should be standard for every single room or facility.

Build Shower Rooms and Restrooms

It is important to build shower rooms and restrooms near student dormitories. Having shower rooms and restrooms close to the dorms would mean that students will be able to maintain their hygiene. Once they have shower rooms and restrooms easily accessible it’ll also help them stay happy. Building restrooms in every campus also plays an important role in maintaining hygiene.

Place Hand Sanitizers

Placing hand sanitizers in each room will drastically increase the hygiene rating. If there are hand sanitizers in each room, people will always keep their hands clean and it’ll maintain hygiene as well. It is recommended to place hand sanitizer in each room beside the door so that both the people going inside the room and outside can easily access it.

Place Trash Bins

Placing trash bins all over the university can help maintain hygiene levels. This way people will throw their garbage in the bins by themselves instead of throwing the garbage on the campus grounds.

Hire Janitors

Janitors are a necessity for your campus as they keep your campus clean. They are also responsible for fixing broken items such as toilets.

It is important to know that as you keep on increasing the size of your campus you need to keep on increasing the number of janitors employed on your campus.

It is also recommended to hire janitors that have fast movement speed. Janitors with fast-moving speed cover more ground in a short time.

Build Sinks

You need to build sinks on your campus. Building sinks in the washrooms is a necessity but it is also very important to build sinks inside the campus buildings close to the classes so that everyone passing through can wash their hands before going to attend the class.

This is particularly important for certain rooms such as the Kitchens.

Hire Hygienic Staff

Make sure that the staff you are about to hire are clean. You can check their hygiene levels from their references before hiring. If you leave this unchecked, your overall hygiene rating will suffer.

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