Two Point Campus Gadget Lab Guide

Gadget Lab is one of the most important academic rooms to have for your Spy School course. It teaches students how to make and use their spy gadgets.

For the most part, you will have to eventually build a Gadget Lab as a requirement for your Spy School. This will be alongside the Panic Room.

The following guide will help you understand how to unlock and use the Gadget Lab in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Gadget Lab

Gadget Lab automatically unlocks once you start Blundergrad, the ninth campus in the game. Blundergrad is all about running a special agent training campus, which sounds fun but unfortunately becomes available fairly late in the game.

Gadget Lab Requirements

Gadget Lab requires a teacher with good Spy School qualifications. The room also requires a Jet Pack Station to allow students to tinker with their inventions.

The lab has a minimum size of 6×5 but you are advised to build a lab a bit more spacious—more on that later. The lab has a base cost of $30,100 and accommodates up to eight people at a time.

Best Gadget lab Items


Gadget Lab Tips

  • The Jet Pack Station alone takes a lot of space. You will also need to place other items in there. Hence, make the lab a bit spacious from the start
  • Regulate the temperature so that students can work in a comfortable environment.

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