Two Point Campus Funny Business Course Guide

To help you get started with the Funny Business course in Two Point Campus, our guide will dive deep into this comedy course.

While Piazza Lanatra in 2 Point Campus might be a campus aimed toward food courses, that is not the only teaching it is famous for. For those interested in comedy and food combined, Piazza Lanatra offers a Funny Business course in Two Point Campus to bring out the jester in you. To help you get started with this course, we have curated our Funny Business guide mentioning all its requirements and how to ace the course.

Funny Business Course Requirements

Funny Business is a 2-year course in 2 Point Campus with medium difficulty. The course itself is available once you gain a 1-star level at Piazza Lanatra and then spend 20 Course Points to unlock it.

There are a few things that are mandatory to start this course.


You need to have teachers that have Funny Business Qualification level 3 in order to start this course. This is obvious because the teachers ought to know the course before teaching it to students.


To start this course, it is mandatory to have Lecture Theatre and Science Lab. Lecture theatre is where the students will attend their theory classes. For practical experimentations, you must have Science Labs for them.


The students tend to have assignments as well. Assignments need to be completed outside the classes. So you must have Library and Science Lab for them too.



There are several items that are required to complete the assignments. These items are given below:

  • Science Station ($3000, 15 K-coins)
  • Funny Business Bookcase ($6000, 100 K-coins)
  • Textbook Cubicle ($400)
  • Study Cubicle ($300)
  • Records Cubicle ($4000, 5 K-coins)
  • Computer Cubicle ($800)
  • Momentum Marbles ($25000, 30 K-coins)
  • Microscope ($16000, 150 K-coins)

Funny Business Classes

This course has a total duration of 2 years. The following classes are required to attend to pass this course:

1st Year

There are two classes that you need to attend at Lecture Theatre:

  • Telling a Joke Pt.1: The Set up
  • Telling a Joke Pt.1: The Punchline

There is one class that needs to be attended at Science Lab:

  • Introduction to Experimental Comedy

2nd Year

There are two classes that you need to attend at Lecture Theatre:

  • There Once Was a Banker from Smogley… Should I be laughing at a rhyme like this?
  • Be Seriously Funny, Earn Silly Money

There is one class that needs to be attended at Science Lab:

  • Experimental Comedy Cont.

Funny Business Assignments

Assignments are extra tasks that students need to complete outside the class. There are a couple of assignments to complete.

Specialist Book Report
Requires: Funny Business Bookcase

Lab Work
Requires: Momentum Marbles

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