Two Point Campus Dig Site Guide

The Dig Site is a mandatory room requirement of the Archaeology course in Two Point Campus. It is used to unearth artifacts that can then be either sold or displayed for money and attractiveness respectively.

Archaeology and Dig Site work together to help you make money fast in Two Point Campus. A single artifact can be sold for up to $40,000 and you can have multiple Dig Sites with enough funding.

The following guide will help you open your Dig Site in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Dig Site

Dig Site is part of the Archaeology course, meaning that you will unlock Dig Site alongside the course after reaching Pebberley Ruins, the eighth campus in the game. Hence, you will not be digging up any artifacts until late in the game.

Dig Site Requirements

You need a teacher skilled in Archaeology to lead students in the Dig Site.

The Dig Site carries a base cost of $10,100 and has a minimum size requirement of 7×7. Take note that the Dig Site needs to be placed outside on the campus grounds. You cannot build it inside.

Best Dig Site Items

The only thing you need is an entrance, nothing more.

Dig Site Tips

  • Each Dig Site supports up to eight students. Since the whole point is to unearth artifacts for money, you should build a larger Dig Site from the start.
  • Make sure that you meet the rest of the requirements of the Archeology course. They work in tandem with the Dig Site to keep your students happy.

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