Two Point Campus Computer Lab Guide

Computer Lab is an academic room that you need to start your Archeology course in Two Point Campus. It also serves as a room that fulfills the requirements of students when they need to complete their classes and assignments.

The following guide will give you a quick rundown of the Computer Lab in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Computer Lab

The Computer Lab becomes available once you reach Mitton University, the third campus in the game. You will have to raise your campus star rating by one in Piazza Lanatra to start managing Mitton University.

Computer Lab Requirements

The Computer Lab requires $26,700 to make with a minimum room size requirement of 4×4.

You will also require a qualified teacher to lead the classes. Note that a Computer Lab accommodates up to eight students at maximum.

Furthermore, you must add a Whiteboard, a Computer, and a Console to complete your Computer Lab.

You can choose from various types when deciding what kind of Computer and Console to add to the lab. They, however, do vary in cost as well. Your best bet is to start from the analogue computers and consoles and upgrade them once you have enough funds.

  • Analogue Computer: It costs $20,000
  • Digital Computer: It increases Learning Power by 5% and costs $35,000.
  • Super Computer: It increases Learning Power by 10% and costs $50,000.
  • Analogue Console: It costs $1,500.
  • Digital Console: It increases Learning Power by 1% and costs $3,500.
  • Super Console: It increases Learning Power by 2% and costs $6,000.

Best Computer Lab Items


Computer Lab Tips

  • Computer Lab is a requirement for the Archeology course. If you are running multiple Dig Sites, you are likely going to need more Computer Labs. Hence, save for that.
  • Consider making a larger Computer Lab from the start to accommodate decor and other stat-boosting items.
  • Focus on hygiene by placing bins, vending machines, and bathrooms nearby. Add a sink in the lab as well.

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