How To Buy New Plots In Two Point Campus

There comes a point where you must expand your campus level in Two Points Campus. You can start with a small and manageable campus and then later expand it steadily.

This also is very important in increasing the campus level as you will be needing more space to add more facilities and activities on campus. Here’s how you can buy a plot in Two Point Campus.

How To Buy New Land In Two Point Campus

Each campus map comes with empty plots all around so that you may increase the area of your university and thus increase the number of courses offered.

One thing to be kept in mind is that it takes some time to carry out the construction on a plot that you buy. You can also buy a plot with a building on it already but this costs much more than building yourself.

One best way to manage this situation is to buy a plot at the start of summer break and carry out the construction while the students are living their joyous life in their homes.

Expanding the campus also affects the overall monthly expenditure of the campus. You should buy only such plots that you plan to use in immediate future otherwise they are just consuming more of your money without any return.


Before you buy a piece of land, you need to be critical about the placement of the new facility that you are planning to add on campus. The best way to choose a perfect spot is by zooming out the campus map and overviewing the whole space available.

Move the cursor above the plot that you are planning to purchase and if available to be purchased, you’ll see a dotted line around the plot. After getting the spot, click on the plot to see the price and building time details. You can buy as many plots as long you are rich enough.

After you’ve bought the plot, a construction fence will be placed around the plot and the building will be started to construct. If you see nothing happening, make sure that you’ve unpaused the game. After the construction is completed, you will have the liberty of adding more facilities and infrastructure.

How to expand School

At the start of the game, you will have enough resources to build infrastructure and expand your school. You can build new classrooms, labs, and libraries in the existing building, which will boost your income as more and more students get enrolled.

Before taking any steps to expand it further, ensure your existing infrastructure is returning you a lot of money, and you have enough reserves in the bank. Buying a new plot and constructing a new building on it is a good idea if you earn high.

Make the school’s existing infrastructure better so you can increase your income before expanding it or making a new building.

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