Two Point Campus Breaking Point Guide

The following guide will tell you how to reach all of the Two Point Campus Breaking Point Star Objectives.

Two Point Campus offers you a variety of campuses to run, each with a different prospect and opportunity to expand. The eleventh campus in the game – Breaking Point – however, is a unique case.

Unlike the rest of the campuses, Breaking Point is mostly a party school that the Ministry of Education isn’t really interested in.

In such a situation, you wouldn’t have any funding to begin with to establish a good campus. With this campus, there are many factors at play that differ from any of the previous campuses.

In this guide, we’ll learn more about the Breaking Point Campus in Two Point Campus.

How to unlock Breaking Point

Breaking Point is the eleventh campus you get in Two Point Campus. The unlock requirements for this campus are pretty much the same as the rest of them.

In order to unlock the Breaking Point campus, you have to get a 1-star rating in both the Pebberley Ruins and the Upper Etching campuses.

The way this campus works, though, is different from the others. You are told that the Two Point’s Ministry of Education has cut off the funding for this campus as it wasn’t that impressed with it given it was mostly a party-school.

That said, you start off with next to nothing in your account. With no funding as well, the only way you can earn money for this campus is via the students themselves.

Generating money for the Breaking Point campus revolves around the happiness of its students. If the students are at a higher happiness level, they will agree to pay out of their pockets for your cause.

Since you neither receive tuition fees or XP bonuses, managing the happiness of your students becomes the top factor if you want to keep the campus running.

Breaking Point Courses

As the Ministry of Education has withdrawn its interest from the Breaking Point campus, consequently, there are no new courses unlocked for this one.

On the bright side, you do get the option to choose any of the courses you like. You have to choose 2 of all the courses available.

Whatever course you pick will drastically affect your campus though. You need to keep in mind that the only source of funding you have is the students and their happiness.

Given that, you wouldn’t have any money to buy more land. Hence, courses like Archeology or Academic Exercise which require a large space for their classrooms are hard to manage.

Instead, it would be best to pick the courses that require a smaller area of land and are cheaper to run – like the Internet History or the School of Thought courses.

Breaking Point Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

During your time at the Breaking Point Campus, you will be tasked with certain objectives that have to be completed to increase the campus’ rating.

There are three milestones, or stars, to this. Each star will have a different set of objectives and hence rewards that you get for them – each increasing with the next star-level.

Let’s look at the objectives of each star that the game puts you up for.

1-Star Campus Objectives

Given below is a list of objectives you have to complete to get the first star for your campus:

  • 150 Students attend the Beach-a-Palooza Events
  • Average B+ Grade
  • Develop 15 new Romances
  • Campus level 12

The rewards that you get for the first star are as follows:

  • New Campus – Two Point University
  • New Item – Bunting
  • $100,000 and 100 Kudosh

2-Star Campus Objectives

Given below is a list of objectives you are to complete to get the second star for your campus:

  • Average Student Entertainment 75%
  • Four Level 5 Clubs
  • 50 Level 14 Students
  • Level 8 Breaking Point Beach

The rewards that you get for the second star are as follows:

  • New item – Curved Palm Tree
  • $20,000 and 150 Kudosh

3-Star Campus Objectives

Given below is a list of objectives you are to complete to get the third star for your campus:

  • Campus level 25
  • 500 Students attend the Beach-a-Palooza Events
  • 100 A Grade Students Graduate
  • Earn $3,000,000

The rewards that you get for the second star are as follows:

  • New item – Green Palm Tree
  • $30,000 and 200 Kudosh
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