How To Collect Bookworms in Two Point Campus

Bookworms are Two Point Campus’ version of whack-a-mole. Bookworms always spawn outside your campus buildings, and catching them can be highly rewarding.

There are two achievement trophies associated with collecting the bookworms. The first trophy unlocks after catching the first Bookworm, and the second one after collecting 50 of them.

If you’re facing trouble catching Bookworms in Two Point Campus, then don’t worry. This guide covers all the major details which will help you catch Bookworms in Two Point Campus.

How to find and capture Bookworms

Before catching Bookworms in Two Point Campus, you need to take note of a few things.  Bookworms never spawn indoors. The most common places for Bookworms to spawn are outside areas, which include university buildings, grass, and pathways.

They look very small when they appear from the ground. Bookworms instantly go back into the ground if you don’t capture them. To catch Bookworms in 2 Point Campus, you must be fully attentive as the Bookworm’s appearance time is minimal.

Bookworms appear for 10 seconds maximum. Click on the Bookworm quickly whenever they appear, and you’ll easily catch them. When you successfully catch them, they disappear, and you receive a reward, usually money.


One thing you need to keep in mind is that Bookworms are independent of time. It means that they will keep on moving even if you pause the game.

There isn’t a specific time when Bookworms spawn, making them very unpredictable. But they spawn almost every 5 minutes, so keep an eye out if you want to catch some. As Bookworms are very small, it might get difficult for you to spot them. If you want to spot them with ease, always use the zoom feature efficiently so that you can see Bookworms easily.

Rewards for catching Bookworms

Rewards for Catching Bookworms depend on the type of Bookworm you catch. Below we have listed the rewards you’ll get after catching each type of Bookworm in Two Point Campus.

  • Textbook Bookworm (Common Bookworm): $10
  • Furry Tail Bookworm (Rare Bookworm): $50
  • Paperback Bookworm (Very rare Bookworm): 5 Kudosh

Besides these rewards, catching a certain number of Bookworms also counts toward challenges that can give you awards upon completion.

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