Two Point Campus Battle Ground Guide

Some players focus on indoor rooms in Two Point Campus but there is much more to the game than indoor rooms. Battle Grounds are very useful to have in Two Point Campus. In this Two Point campus guide, we have explained everything about Battle Ground which includes the process of unlocking it and its requirements as well.

How To Unlock Battle Ground

The Battle Ground unlocks at the beginning of Noblestead and contains a variety of cool items that can help your students learn the noble arts of Knighthood.

Battle Ground Requirements

Requirements for a Battle Ground in Two Point Campus include a qualified Knight School teacher, minimum size of 5X5, at least $18100, and one course that must be taught. After creating the building room, instead of a normal door you will need Grand Entrance. Grand Entrance will be used for exit and entering purposes. Grand Entrance isn’t expensive, as it only costs $100.

You will also need one of the Etiquette Training Station or Combat Training Station. Etiquette Training Station will be expensive as it will cost you $15000. For Combat Training Station, there isn’t much of difference in terms of cost as you’ll need $13000 for it

Battle Ground Lab Items And Cost

Battle Ground has a lot of stuff that adds value to your room and campus. At the very least, you’ll need space for the Grand Entrance and one of the Combat Training Stations or the Etiquette Training Station.

You can then add Combat Dummies, Archery Targets, Weapons Racks, and benches to let your Knights sit while they wait their turn. It’s actually really fun to go Medieval in Two Point Campus with the Battle Ground.

  • Combat Dummy: It helps students in completing their assignments. This item costs $200.
  • Banquet Table: This item costs $750 and it increases attractiveness.
  • Prince Dummy: It also helps students in completing their assignments. This item costs $200.
  • Wooden Throne: This item provides seating. The cost of this item is $75.
  • Artillery: It helps students in completing their assignments. This item costs $600.
  • Standard: A decorative item that costs $75.
  • Archery Kit: This item helps students in completing their assignments and costs $250.
  • Flag: A decorative item that costs $75.
  • Weapons Rack: This item is used by students to help them complete their assignments. It costs $300.
  • Fire Pit: A decorative item that costs $500.
  • Stockade: This assignment increases attractiveness and it costs $500.
  • Round Table: It is a decorative item that costs $500.
  • Knight Bench: This wooden bench provides seating. This item costs $200.
  • Money Bags: A decorative item that costs $1000.
  • Wooden Chair: This wooden chair provides seating and costs $75.
  • Barrel: A decorative item that costs $100.
  • Archery Target: This item helps students in completing their assignments and costs $200.

Battle Ground Courses And Classes

If you want a successful Battleground, then you need the right courses to be taught. Also, getting new courses will cost you some money as well. The course you need to add in Battle Ground is Knight School.  This course will help you train your students for Battle Ground.

Knight School Courses

  • 1st Year: Practical Knighthood
  • 1st Year: Finding the Pointy-End
  • 2nd Year: Squiring in the Field
  • 3rd Year: Charming & Disarming

Battle Ground Tips

Despite its relatively large minimum size of 5×5, the Battle Ground can benefit from being a bit larger. The extra space is definitely beneficial if you are trying to make the game look nice and not just add items to satisfy the game’s requirements.

There’s a requirement for you to have more Battle Grounds on your Campus as you progress through Noblestead, so save the one you like so you can just drop it in again later. You’ll definitely need a plot that has enough room later on if you’re just starting the level. Putting a second Battle Ground on a different plot might cause problems if you build a huge one and save it. For the most part, you should be fine if you stick to the basics.

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