Two Point Campus Archaeology Course Guide

The Archaeology course is for students who are interested in learning about history and earlier civilizations. It is considered one of the best courses to have on your campus. The reason is that the course is the easiest way to make a ton of money in a little time.

The following guide will point out how to unlock the Archaeology course and how you can meet all of its requirements in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Archaeology

Being a good source of income, you will unfortunately not have access to Archaeology from the start. You will only be able to unlock the Archelogy course fairly late in Two Point Campus. You will have to play until you reach Pebberley Ruins, the eighth campus of the game.

Archaeology Requirements

You will firstly need a teacher who has Archaeology qualifications. They will only have a level 3 qualification by default. To train the teachers to teach higher-level students, you will have to upgrade the Archaeology course by spending Course Points.

You will also need a Computer Lab, a Science Lab, a Lecture Theatre, and a Dig Site to start your Archaeology course on campus.

The aforementioned rooms and facilities work in tandem to help students complete their classes and assignments. The Dig Site in particular is your main money-making source. Students will unearth artifacts and treasures from time to time. These can be processed to either be sold for money or displayed on your campus to increase attractiveness.

As you progress further, your pool of students in this specific course would increase, so eventually, you’ll need to upgrade your facilities to better accommodate the increasing number of students.

Best Archaeology Items And Rooms

  • Library
  • Archaeology Bookcase
  • Bookcase
  • Planning Table
  • Archaeology Table
  • Excavation Table
  • Digital Computer
  • Digital Console
  • Oscillator
  • Plotter
  • Experiment Station
  • Science Station
  • Microscope
  • Thunder Balls
  • Records Cubicle
  • Computer Cubicle
  • Textbook Cubicle
  • Dino Display
  • Study Cubicle

Archeology Course Sections

Like most other Courses in Two Point Campus, the Archeology Course also has three sections, or, Years as we would like to call them. Each of these three sections/years is outlined below.

Year 1 Outline

Lecture Theatre:

  • Can You Dig It?

Dig Site:

  • Dig Site Orientation
  • Putting You Back into It

Year 2 Outline

Computer Lab:

  • Soil Analysis: Digging Through The Dirt

Dig Site:

  • Ooh Shiny: Dig for Mystery
  • Easy Does It: You Break It, You’ve Blown It!

Year 3 Outline

Science Lab:

  • Dating Algorithms: How Old Is It?

Dig Site:

  • Trowel Trends: Chic In The Mud
  • Digging Is Hard, Antiques Are Priceless

Archeology Course Tips

  • You should care about an Archeology Student’s health and hygiene, you can do this by installing bins in each respective facility/classroom, and also by making sure that they have access to showers and bathrooms nearby.
  • Caring for their health involves providing medical facilities for your students to tend to their health, this will not only make them happier but will also ensure that they work harder and not drop out in any case.
  • You can also install vending machines near the facilities used by Archeology Students to ensure that their thirst and hunger are satisfied. This will re-energize them and make them feel happier.
  • You should build extra educational facilities, like Libraries, Private Tuition Rooms, Study Cubicles, Textbook Cubicles, etc. to help the students stay at the top of their game in the subject even if they aren’t doing well in classes.