How To Get 100% Pass Rate In Two Point Campus

The number of students who successfully pass out at the end of each semester determines the overall performance of your campus.

Two Point Campus features a number of mechanics that impact your students. Managing all of them is easier said than done. Hence, there will always be a chance that some students either drop out, get expelled, or fail their exams.

Seeing all of your students pass might appear impossible, but there are a few tricks to manage your campus to achieve a 100% passing rate in Two Point Campus. The following guide will explain how your students can get A+ grades in their courses.

How To Improve Student Grades In Two Point Campus

You need to understand that the passing rate directly depends on the educational facilities on your campus. The more advanced the facilities, the better the students can learn and ultimately give you a 100% passing rate.

The following are some facilities that you need to have on your campus, as well as other metrics and stats that you need to keep an eye on.

Keep your students happy

Happiness is a stat in Two Point Campus that affects your students’ wellbeing. If students are not happy, they will not perform in their students.

Unhappy students are likely to get lower grades in their exams. In the worst-case scenario, they will simply drop out or leave. Low happiness levels also make it harder to induct new students.

You will need to fulfill your students’ needs to increase their happiness. This includes giving them access to food and water, comfortable dormitories to live in, and bathrooms and showers for hygiene.

There are also upgrades and items that you can have to increase the “Learning Rate” of students.

Build Libraries

The library is the only place where students can prepare for their exams in peace if they are looking to get A+ grades. Therefore, building a library and providing the required books for their courses will become a key factor in increasing their grades.

However, when building a library, make sure to hire a staff to increase the efficiency of the work, since the capacity of students will increase as they enter the 2nd and 3rd years.

The stall will provide assistance to the students in looking for books they desire, and in return will increase 5% of the Library Learning Rate which will be beneficial for the campus.

Hire the best staff

Initially, when laying the foundation of your campus, it’s hard to hire the best teacher as your options will be quite limited.

However, that doesn’t keep you away from training the teachers and firing the ones that you feel are only there for the paycheck and not to provide knowledge to the students.

Therefore, before hiring your staff be sure to check if they are of a level 2 teaching profession, aren’t always serious and crack a few jokes to relieve the stress of students, provide inspirational speeches and lastly provide tuition to their students in extra time.

Build Private Tuition Rooms

Private Tuitions play a huge role in the improvement of the overall performance of students. They are a necessary room to have on any campus.

Students that are struggling will automatically head to Private Tuition rooms. If not, you can manually send such students to the Private Tuition Room to better their grades.

Upgrade Learning Rooms

Providing the best atmosphere to the students will eventually help them improve their grades and get A+ grades in their courses. Therefore, upgrade all the Classroom and Lecture Hall resources to add aid your students in learning and achieving their goals at the end of each year.

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