Two New Dota 2 Heroes Revealed By Valve

Valve has introduced two new heroes for the Dota 2 and we have the details for both. They were introduced at The International, an annual Dota 2 esports tournament.


The first hero who is coming to Dota 2 is Snapfire. Snapfire almost seems like someone’s grandma. But only if that someone was a goblin. She is an aged goblin who bakes cookies, carries a shotgun, and rides a giant lava-spewing lizard.

She will arrive in a future update for the free-to-play MOBA. We don’t know what role she will have or what her abilities are.

Valve has described Snapfire as “an explosive new hero riding into Dota 2”. She carries guns, which might mean that she’s a ranged character. Her reptile steed spitting molten goop could be another ability. The shotgun will probably also play into the whole thing. The cookies she gives to other character could be for healing or buffs. At this point, we don’t know which parts of the trailer are just to make it interesting and which will be actual abilities.

Void Spirit

The second hero who has been announced is Void Spirit. In stark contrast to Snapfire, he has a rather mean appearance. Perhaps there is a link to the already existing Void Seer. He has the same purple skin and white hair.

There have already been three spirit heroes in Dota 2. They are the Ember Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Storm Spirit. Each was symbolized by a colored crystal. But there was also a fourth crystal, this one purple, and now fans know what it was all about. It represented the Void Spirit.

The Void Spirit implies that he has been observing other characters in the game. He then makes a portal through which he teleports from the void into the arena, hinting at a likely teleportation ability. Characters in the past have used teleportation. This means that Void Spirit will probably use a new change to it.

The Void Spirit’s weapon was also revealed, a staff with twin blades on either end. We didn’t see the weapon in use so we don’t know what attacks he will use.

The characters come out in an update in “Fall 2019”.