Twisted Metal Leveling Guide

If you feel like jumping into Twisted Metal’s intense action multiplayer battles, read our rundown of these unlockables and find out how you can get your favoured vehicle for your favoured character with Twisted Metal Leveling.

Twisted Metal Leveling

How To Earn XP

How fast you level up your character is directly proportional to how much XP you earn in a given match. It’s recommended to go for more rewarding ways to kill your opponents in Twisted Metal. Following are the ways you can earn XP in Twisted Metal:

  • Damaging a vehicle earns 25 XP.
  • Assisting a kill with small amount of damage will earn 25 XP.
  • Assisting a kill with a medium amount of damage will earn 50 XP.
  • Assisting a kill with a reasonable amount of damage will earn 75 XP.
  • Killing an enemy vehicle earns 25 XP.
  • Kill an enemy who has a kill streak will earn 15 XP
  • Having a kill streak will earn you 25 XP.
  • Kill the enemy who killed you last and earn 25 XP.
  • 10 XP if you sacrifice a Faction Leader for the nuke.
  • 25 XP if you tag the enemy statue with the nuke.

Killstreak Rewards
Once you’ve unlocked the Killstreaks Awards from the unlockables, you will get extra XP for each kill you do.

Tier 1

  • Killstreak +2 Reward – Turbo and Energy Refill
  • Killstreak +3 Reward

Tier 2

  • Killstreak +4 Reward

Tier 3

  • Killstreak +5 Reward


Your character will be rewarded different ranks as you earn more experience, which in turn will unlock more weapons and vehicles.

  • RANK 2 (1000 XP)
  • RANK 3 (2000 XP)
  • RANK 4 (3000 XP)

Rewards (Unlockables)

Story Related

Warthog Vehicle

  • Grab all the gold metals on Twisted.

Laser Pistol

  • Beat the Story on Twisted.

Stars & Stripes Skin Pack

  • Beat Story on Hard.

Kamikaze Skin Pack

  • Beat the Story Mode on Normal.


Tier 1

Sweet Tooth (11/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 4/5
  • Special: 5/5

Dollface (Character)

  • Dollface’s dream: She competes in the tournament hoping that she can get rid of her mask.

Preacher (Character)
The character preacher is not used in the game, but his faction can be used in the multiplayer uses. History: A religious man who believes that he can take down Calypso..

Tier 2


  • Unlike the previous sequels, Mr. Grimm is not a skeleton, and his face is only painted. He rides a motorcycle known as the Reaper. He has joined the tournament to travel to the past and save his dad from an accident which killed him.

Weapons and Armor Unlockables

Tier 1

Submachine Gun (Side Arm)

  • It fires a four-bullet burst. It doesn’t need to be reloaded; a single hit will cause one point of damage.

12 Gauge Shotgun (Side Arm)

  • The 12-gauge shotgun is probably the strongest side arm of the game; if you get close enough to hit the full burst on the enemy, then it will cause a damage of 10 points. It doesn’t have a good range and can store two rounds, which can be fired quickly. The reloading will take four seconds.

Super Mine (Energy Attack)

  • These are the yellow flashing mines which you can drop onto the road. If any other vehicle runs over it, the mine will blow and 10 points damage will be taken by the victim. The alternative (special) mine causes 40 points of damage.

Killstreak +2 and Killstreak +2 are Tier 1 rewards as well.

Tier 2

Magnum Revolver (Side Arm)

  • The magazine is of six rounds; it will take you 1.5 seconds to fire a single round. It causes a damage of 11 per shot, but the drawback is its reloading speed of nine seconds.

Rocket Launcher (Side Arm)

  • The strongest Side Arm of the game, each shot fires a succession of rockets, and if you hit all of them, the damage caused will be of 30 points as a single rocket does a damage of 3 points. The reloading time is 7 second.

Freeze (Energy Attack)

  • The name says it all; a large amount of energy is inherited and shot onto the enemy vehicle to shut it down for a period. The enemy (or you) will have to smash the buttons as fast as possible to return to the working condition.

Turbo Dash

  • Turbo Dash is an attack or a boost which can be used for multiple uses. Press the TURBO button and flip your controller forward to have a faster acceleration (for over-taking), or simply dash into the enemy vehicle so you can ram his/her car. This will cause a greater damage then a regular ram.

Killstreak +4 is a Tier 2 Reward.

Tier 3

Absorption Shield (Energy Attack)

  • A shield is deployed around your vehicle, which will protect you from the common encounters you take. The alternative (special) shield will have the ability to save you from all the projectiles. Kill streak +5 is a Tier 3 rewards as well.

Unlockable Vehicles

Tier 1

Road Boat (8/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 3/5
  • Special: 3/5

The vehicle is the design of 1960s Cadillac Sedan. The special weapons are the Magnet Projectiles (homing missiles) and Mega Magnet, which will stick the victim’s car to yours for massive damage.

Meat Wagon (8/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 3/5
  • Special: 3/5

The design is of the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance. The specials are the Gurney bomb which will fire an explosive person in a Gurney. The Alternative special is the Piloted Gurney Bomb, but you can control this one.

Crimson Fury (10/15)

  • Speed: 5/5
  • Armor: 1/5
  • Special: 5/5

It is a very fast sports car. The specials are the Flamethrower and the Incendiary Shockwave in which you can damage all the vehicles around you.

Junkyard Dog (9/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 5/5
  • Special: 3/5

The Junkyard Dog is a dirty Tow Truck. The special weapon Taxi Slam gets a taxi onto your back; it can be thrown onto the enemies. Alternative Special Weapon is the Team Health Drop; it will heal your team-mates instead of causing damage. It can be detonated as well.

Vermin (8/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 3/5
  • Special: 3/5

The design is similar to an Exterminator Van. The special weapons are the Rat Rocket and the Piloted Rat Rocket. Rat Rocket will fire the head from the top of the car which will explode on impact. The Piloted Rat rocket will do the same, but you can control the head after it’s launched.

Roadkill (8/15)
This is one of the most balanced (stat-wise) vehicles in the game. The special weapons are Chain Gun: Hold the fire button and shoot a couple of rounds automatically, it will fire for about a second if you release the button without charging.

The alternate special weapon is the Drop Mine which is not as the SPECIAL is. It will fire a couple of missiles, the number and their damaging points depend on the way you charge the meter.

Tier 2

Reaper (10/15)

  • Speed: 4/5
  • Armor: 1/5
  • Special: 5/5

It’s fast, and the special weapons are good but the drawback is its defense system. The special weapons include the Chainsaw which throws an explodable chainsaw. RPG, which stands for a rocket-propelled grenade – you must stand still and aim for the target, the grenade needs to be triggered for exploding as well.

Sweet Tooth (11/15)
The design is of an Ice Cream Truck. It’s driven by the character Sweet Tooth. The special weapon is the Laughing Ghost and the Sweet Bot. The Laughing Ghost fires a projectile which has a good accuracy. Sweet Bot, is different from all the other specialties; you will transform into a robot which can fly and even throw the Laughing Ghosts!

Talon (9/15)

  • Speed: 4/5
  • Armor: 1/5
  • Special: 4/5

Talon is a helicopter which has a good speed. The specials are powerful, but its armor is quite weak. Tri Gunner will switch you to a machine gun which has the capacity of 100 rounds, although, you can still control the helicopter while firing the shots. The Drop Magnet can simply attach the car to your helicopter’s magnet if you fly over it.

Shadow (7/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 3/5
  • Special: 2/5

It’s a hearse whose speed and specialties are not very good but has a decent armor. The special Death Coffin sends a flying coffin which can be detonated, whereas the Reticle Death Coffin is same but has a destination point as well.

Darkside (10/15)

  • Speed: 2/5
  • Armor: 4/5
  • Special: 4/5

A semi-truck whose speed is slow, but the armor and specialties are great. The special weapons are Darkside Slam & 50.Cal Tri-Gun. Dark side Slam is an acceleration boost as the Turbo Boost is, but this is faster. The 50. Cal Tri Gun is a 50 caliber gun which shoots bullets for six seconds.

Juggernaut (Tier 3, 9/15)

  • Speed: 1/5
  • Armor: 5/5
  • Special: 3/5

You may have seen it dropping more and more enemies in the Single Player. It is slow but has the best defense system. Unlike the other vehicles, it has only a single Special Weapon i.e. Drop Mines. It will drop eight bouncing mines, which take 30 seconds to recharge.

Unlockable Energy Abilities

Absorption Shield
Absorption Shield is unlocked by beating Mr. Grimm in Event no.3. You can then activate this ability by holding Right + Triangle keys.

Rear Freeze
This ability is unlocked by beating Sweet Tooth in Event no.3.  You can then perform this ability by holding Up + Triangle keys.

Super Mine
This ability is unlocked by beating Mr. Grimm at Event 5. In order to perform this ability, you need to hold Down + Triangle keys.

Unlockable Side Arms

There are a total of six side arm weapons which you can unlock by beating different bosses or completing several modes.

Laser Side arm
Laser can be unlocked by beating Dolface at Event 5.

Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol can be unlocked by completing story mode on Twisted difficulty.

Magnum Revolver
Magnum revolver can be unlocked by beating Sweet Tooth at event 3.

Rockets can be unlocked by beating Dollface at event 2.

SMG can be unlocked by beating sweet tooth at event 1.

Twelve Gauge Shotgun
You can unlock this weapon by beating Mr. Grimm at event 4

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