Tutors Making Money By Coaching Games, Fortnite Players Make Most Of It

Fortnite has been known to create profitable opportunities for its players throughout in one way or another. Since the start of players trading their high profile Fortnite accounts with less skilled players at premium rates, the earning techniques never seemed to find their end from thereon. A website designed to hire tutors for you to learn several video games has set off another Fortnite trend. Expert Fortnite players are giving coaching lessons to people who aspire to become pro-gamers or just want to get competitive enough in the Battle Royale game.

These expert teachers of the Battle Royale game seem to be in luck as there have been approximately 1500 hirings so far. These people invite the coaches into their homes and acquire their services by learning through expert advise on Fortnite.

Such websites have made it easier for pro-gamers to cash-in handy as well as helping the beginner level gaming enthusiasts to master the art of playing different video games. Skilled gamers promote themselves as well-established gamers on this website by enlisting their achievements and description.

Kris “ConvertibleFN” Nara is an extremely regarded gamer who gives tuition lessons on Fortnite. He is considered the best of the best among Fortnite teachers present online which is backed by his maximum rating from lots of his clients. On top of that, many of his achievements include being the “Head Coach of Samsung’s Fortnite Team”.

His rates start at $25 per hour which can be varied through bundle offers and discount packages. The featured review on his profile at gamersensei.com says:

Great lesson and I would highly recommend Convertible. I am a beginner and my son is an intermediate player and we both got a LOT out of our first lessons. We are already looking forward to our next lesson. Convertible is extremely patient and very positive in the way he teaches. Everything we learned he not only taught how to do it but also why or when to do it. I would not hesitate to book lessons with him again!

Pro-gamers of other games like Counter-Strike or even Rocket League can also make decent bucks out of it.

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