Turok 1 And Turok 2 Remastered Have Released For Xbox One

Very recently we heard the news for both of the games Turok Dinosaur Hunter And Turok 2 Seeds of Evil getting a Remaster for Xbox One which was scheduled to roll out this March and it has. Yes, you heard it right Turok 1 and Turok 2 Remastered has been made available for Xbox One.

If you remember back in 2016 we heard some news about Turok 1 and 2 getting a remaster¬†for consoles but we didn’t hear much after that apart from some minor references.

The news of remastering took the hype when last month the games received a PEGI rating. All of the fans were sure then that the game will be coming through as ratings normally take place when they are close to releasing.

Turok 1 was one of the most desired games back when it launched in 1997 on Nintendo 64 and PC. The first person shooter set on a different planet that has been inhabited by dinosaurs was a dream to play at that time and since the generation moved ahead it became old but not forgotten and most of the fans really wanted to get that on the latest generations consoles to remember the good old days.

With that said, both the remastered sequels cost $20 a piece and they have been enhanced for their visuals to give fans the same feel but with slightly enhanced visuals. The frame rates are much smoother compared to the original game.

Although at the moment both of the games Turok 1 and Turok 2 Remaster are available separately, perhaps in the coming days or weeks Night Dive Studio and Microsoft decide to bundle them together as well as maybe consider to add discounts to them.

Until then for a die heart fan, this much cost is probably feasible as well. So if you are a fan then get you Turok 1 and Turok 2 Remastered versions for Xbox One and kill those dinosaurs.