Turn Off Peer-to-Peer Windows 10 Updates and Reduce Latency – How to

A comprehensive guide on how to turn off peer-to-peer Windows Update on Windows 10 and save bandwidth and experience less lag in games.

One of the things that Windows 10 automatically does after installation is peer-to-peer Windows Update which can drain your bandwidth and you might experience lag in online games. Luckily, turning off this feature is not hard at all – read the steps below to know how to:

Step #1
Press ‘Windows’ button on your keyboard and type in ‘Windows Update Settings’ followed by clicking the option at the top of the list under ‘Settings’

Step #2
After opening up the menu, click ‘Advanced Options’ under ‘Windows Update’

Step #3
Once you are inside the ‘Advanced Options’, click ‘Choose how Updates are Delivered’ and choose your settings

You can either completely turn if off or turn on peer-to-peer sharing of Windows Updates with PCs on your local network – your call!

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