Tropico 5 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Tropico 5 sure is a game that every city simulation lover would like to play. And when it’s the first time that the series has introduced the most anticipated multiplayer mode, one simply cannot stop the urge to play it.

Overall, the game has received decent reviews, and it seems like a solid installment in a renowned franchise. However, the game does have its fair share of problems when it comes to errors, crashes and bugs.

Officially, developer has started noticing the small problems users are facing, and they obviously are going to patch out the major issues.

If your issue still doesn’t get fixed with the updates, or you simply can’t wait for the updates to arrive, and you just want the damn thing to run, you can refer to the workarounds below!

#1 Tropico 5 Infinite Loading Time
Many users have reported that they are experiencing endless loading times specially during the second mission, Bao-Bao.

If you are experiencing this issue too, then as a workaround, it is recommended that you load Bao-Bao in Sandbox first and then try loading your original saved game.

It has worked for many, but some are still out of luck. The issue is under consideration, and we might get a fix soon. And if you have solved the problem with some other workaround, do share it with us in the comments below!

#2 Tropico 5 Direct X Issue
Tropico 5 requires a GPU that supports DirectX 11 (AMD Radeon HD 4000, Nvidia Geforce 400 or an Intel HD 4000 at least). If you don’t have one, you can’t run the game, and it will crash either on startup or randomly at different points.

And if you have a DirectX 11 supported card, and you are still experiencing crashes, try re-installing DirectX.

#3 Tropico 5 Graphics Issues/Glitches
Many games present different problems graphically if your drivers are not up to date. So, it is important that you make sure that you are using the latest version of the drivers for your GPU. This will fix a lot of graphics-related issues.

#4 Tropico 5 SLI/Crossfire Issues
If you are running an SLI or Crossfire and experiencing graphics-related problems, try running the game using a single GPU. Textures problem can also be fixed by disabling SLI/Crossfire.

The game doesn not require a lot of visual resources so you will be able to run the game just fine using the single card.

#5 Tropico 5 Slow and Laggy Menu
If the game’s menu is very slow, and you are having lag-spikes on the options’ screen, make sure that your refresh rate is set to your monitor’s refresh rate.

If the problem persists, try lowering the graphics settings from the menu.

#6 Tropico 5 Crashes to Desktop
If your game is being crashed to desktop right after you start it, you should try running the secondary installers available in the game’s directory (Steamapps/common/Tropico 5/Common/Redist).

Run all the executable files in there and restart your system. This can fix your problem.

#7 Tropico 5 OS 6.x error
It’s a compatibility-related error. To fix it, make sure that your Steam isn’t running in the compatibility mode. So remove the compatibility mode (if any applied) on Steam and then try running the game.

You can also try changing the compatibility mode of Tropico 5 (not Steam) and see if it works for you.

#8 Tropic 5 Error Steam cant boot this game “errorcode: 51”
You will get this error if your game is being blocked by any antivirus/security tool like Deepguard, etc. To fix this, you need to disable that tool or add an exception into it for Tropico 5.

If you come across any other error, comment and we will try to help you out!