No Trophies In Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Sakurai Explains Why

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is less than a month away and to excite us more, Producer of the game “Masahiro Sakurai” has shared some gameplay details and also explained the lack of trophies in it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has finally gone gold so everyone who pre-ordered the game will be receiving it on December 7 without a problem.

To celebrate Super Smash Bros Ultimate going gold, Masahiro Sakurai spoke with Japanese magazine “Famitsu” to talk about different characters and the gameplay. He revealed that no trophy support in the game was something decided from the start as it’s something not easy to do.

You can read all of his remarks for various characters below. Thanks, Ryokutya2089.

Ken Joining

Masahiro Sakurai realizes that many players are sensitive to the frame because of him being different from Ryu and he just advises everyone to think of him as a bonus Echo fighter.

On Incineroar joining

He mentioned that creating a wrestling character was on his list from the beginning. The wrestling character is voiced by Unsho Ishizuka. He recorded new lines just for of it and he prays that his soul rests in peace.

Various amiibo

It’s time-consuming and takes about a year to do so. He apologized to everyone for waiting all this time.

Removal of Trophies

Trophies were not considered for the game from the beginning. He wanted the workforce to focus on other things. He said that these trophies require a lot of work and effort than what everyone thinks.


It’s something we will understand better after playing the game. They also intend to summarize this project design after the official release date next month.

Online Matchmaking

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is completely synchronized and the distance between players is a deciding factor according to him.

VIP Matches (Elite Smash)

It’s something made for advanced and experienced players. This mode will match you with skilled players like you meanwhile ignoring beginners. It’ll include different levels which you can brag about to show how good you are at the game.

Piranha Plant

It will be available about a month or two after the game releases.

Strongest Ultimate enemy

He said that he will talk about the Adventure mode more if he had the chance. Though he mentioned that the ROM is complete.

Well, that’s a lot and we can’t wait to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate on its official release date which is December 7, 2018.

In other news, leaks tell us that the game is going to receive some free spirits along with free game modes for everyone to enjoy. It’s something every fan of Super Smash Bros Ultimate wants and will bring more variety of gameplay.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is also rumored to support 32 players online which is something we will have to test on the release date to see how it works.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate going gold news came along the announcement that the team has already decided the characters of upcoming DLC.

Masahiro Sakura revealed it on Twitter by saying that all of these characters were decided by Nintendo itself. He also requested everyone to stay on topic by avoiding further Super Smash Bros Ultimate character requests as the release date is just around the corner.

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