Trine 4 The Cursed Knight Boss Guide

Trine 4, being the next installment in the series, has stepped up the difficulty of its puzzles and pacing of its bosses which currently has players surprised. One of these challenging bosses in Trine 4 is The Cursed Knight; with the boss fight lasting for three unique phases. We have compiled a list for you to help deal with the boss with some useful tips.

Trine 4 The Cursed Knight Boss

During the first section of the battle, the Cursed Knight has two attacks, one of these attacks being a flurry of dagger swings and the other being a heavy attack where the Knight will attempt to hit you with a sweeping attack. Due to the heavy attack having extended range, it is better to keep distance while the sword is out.

As the fight starts, jump over the boss and move as far right as possible. The boss will be aggressive and attempt to pursue you with a charge, during which he will destroy the environment, revealing a light source that turns out to be its weakness. With the Cursed Knight stunned, proceed closer and eat away at its health as much as you can.

As the boss shifts into its second phase, it will acquire two more attacks on top of the ones that were already in phase one. The new attacks include fireballs which are both burning, and poisonous; and a shockwave, in which the Knight jumps and slams the ground, sending a shockwave.

Luckily, using your shield, you can deflect the fireballs he fires at you to damage the ceiling above and release the second source of light.  The light can be reflected to stun the boss and further damage him, which will bring him into the third and final phase.

The third phase of the Trine 4 boss fight does not differ from any of the previous phases; upon unlocking this phase, a light source will be revealed at the top right corner. Stand to the left of the boss and attempt to deflect a fireball that will burn the roots situated at the top right, which in turn should drop a stone.

Move towards the conveniently placed see-saw, and stomp it to unlock the final light source. Move towards far left, reflect the light on the boss for a final time, and finish the job.

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