Trine 4 Giant Nightmare Wolf Boss Guide

Trine 4 The Nightmare Prince is finally out and while you may be enjoying the great gameplay and really cool art style the franchise is known for, there is also a possibility that the boss fights in the game might be frustrating you. We have crafted this Trine 4 boss guide to help you deal with one such encounter against the Giant Nightmare Wolf which can be quite annoying to deal with.

Trine 4 Giant Nightmare Wolf Boss

The Giant Nightmare Wolf has a poise bar and a health bar. The red bar represents its health while the purple bar represents its stun meter. Upon completely depleting the stun meter; the Giant Nightmare Wolf will be vulnerable to damage.

The most effective method of utilizing this opportunity is to stomp on its head as Pontius. Once you stomp, the boss will reset its purple bar and the process will have to be repeated.

Throughout the boss fight, the only offense the Wolf has is a paw slam, which will be indicated via big markers on the ground; throughout the boss fight, wolves will spawn but can be easily defeated by using Pontius’ sword attacks.

In consequence of this, spirits will begin to spawn which can be killed by Zoya’s bow. After a little time passes, the spirits will fire homing projectiles at you, and soon bombs. The number of enemies can quickly become overwhelming in this boss fight, although the attacks of the boss aren’t much in and of itself, it is suggested that any wolves and spirits that spawn, should be taken care of quickly to avoid getting swarmed, as the boss fight moves along.

Stunning the boss six times, and successfully maneuvering through the crowd of spirits and wolves, the boss fight will finish, which should also reward you with the Across the Moors achievement.

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