How to Unlock All Classes in Tribes of Midgard

The Tribes of Midgard allows players to go through the story campaign using one of eight different classes. In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock all the different Classes in Tribes of Midgard.

How to Unlock Classes in Tribes of Midgard

This guide will be focused on these eight classes that you can play with and how to unlock them. When you start the game, you are required to choose from one of the two available classes in the beginning. These are the Ranger and the Warrior classes.

The other six Classes in Tribes of Midgard require you to complete certain quests or objectives to unlock.

Below, you can find every available detail about the Classes in Tribes of Midgard and what you need to do in order to unlock them:


One of the two classes in Tribe of Midgard that you can start the game with is the Ranger. This class focuses on a more long-range approach to combat. Ranger in Tribes of Midgard is equipped with a ranged weapon that allows you to deal damage from afar.

They are also very agile and quick-witted.

Special Ability

Your arrows will pierce through multiple enemies.


The second class available at the beginning is The Warrior in Tribes of Midgard. They focus more on close-quarter combat as they are more strong and powerful. Warriors can also cast spells on their enemies.

Special Ability

You can revive yourself during combat.


Hunter in Tribes of Midgard is perfect for those who like to take a sneaky approach towards combat. You are also equipped with traps and decoys to mess with the enemy.

Special Ability

You can place totems (spawn points) at places where you can revive at.

How to Unlock?

You need to travel the whole world of the Tribes of Midgard and activate every shrine.

Guardian Class

Guardian in Tribes of Midgard is a heavy tank class that requires you to fight on the frontline and block the incoming attacks. You start with an immense amount of health and a shield.

Special Ability

You can deal damage to nearby enemies by releasing an ice explosion.

How to Unlock?

Kill three Jötnars around the world to unlock this class.

Berserker Class

The class name says it all. Berserker in Tribes of Midgard allows you to go nuts on enemies by dealing huge damage and stunning your enemies. You are invulnerable to any stun or slow-down effects.

Special Ability

Upon filling the Wrath bar, you will be able to release an explosion that damages nearby enemies.

How to Unlock?

Kill twenty enemies in a row within 10 seconds to unlock this class.


Seer in Tribes of Midgard is the medic in this game that allows you to heal your teammates and revive them. When partnered up with the Guardian class, you can do a lot of damage to enemies.

You can also plant traps around the area.

Special Ability

You can place a trap that can catch enemies and stop them on the spot.

How to Unlock?

Use Bifröst to exit 10 worlds in order to unlock this class.


Warden in Tribes of Midgard is equipped with skills that allow you to add extra effects to the construction of buildings. You can also build various structures.

Special Ability

You can build grounds and ramps using the Warden special ability.

How to Unlock?

Survive for 15 days in a world to unlock this class.


Sentinel in Tribes of Midgard is the second tank class available in the game. Sentinels can regenerate their health during combat and stun the opponents.

Special Ability

You can throw your shield at the enemies and deal damage to them.

How to Unlock?

Block 25 incoming attacks within 10 seconds to unlock this class.