Triangle Strategy Convictions Guide

In Triangle Strategy, the players will have to make different choices during dialogue with the NPCs. These choices will affect how the story will pan out in the later stages. This guide will explain Triangle Strategy Choices and how they affect your Convictions.

Triangle Strategy Convictions

In Triangle Strategy, if an NPC appears to have a green exclamation mark, the dialogue with them will have choices and affect the Convictions stats.

Each dialogue with such NPC will give three dialogue options to choose from. Your choices will directly affect the different Conviction stats like Utility, Morality, and Liberty.

Selecting a dialogue will increase one of the three Conviction stats: Utility, Morality, and Liberty. Utility affects your self-preservation; Morality affects your Justice and equality while Liberty affects Freedom or being free-spirited.


The Utility conviction affects your self-preservation which in return affects your sharpness. Utility can be increased by collecting items and information outside of battles and using the recommended units.

During battles, you can also increase utility by using quietuses, gathering spoils, and weakening enemies.

A lot of conviction is also gained when you win a battle that has recommended level higher than your army’s current level.


The liberty conviction effect’s your Freedom and free spirit. Liberty is required to get out of the box and do attacks that enemies won’t expect.

You can increase your Liberty outside of combat by making big purchases using coins, examining objects, and deploying non-recommended units in battle.

During battles, stealing items, healing enemies, and winning battles that have recommended levels lower than your army’s current level will also increase Liberty.


The third Conviction is Morality, which affects the damage you deal using fewer troops. Outside of fights, you can increase your morality by trading kudos for items, taking part in mock mental battles, and interacting with NPCs.

Morality can also be increased during battles by ending turns without doing anything, winning battles without killing enemies, and fortifying allies.

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