Trials of Mana Xan Bie Boss Guide

Xan Bie is a Level 47 Boss that you will have to face in Trials of Mana. Read this Trials of Mana Xan Bie Boss guide to know how to fight and win against Xan Bie.

Trials of Mana Xan Bie Boss Fight

As the battle begins, head towards the boss and land a couple of basic combos on him.

You will see that there are statues of Xan Bie all around the place, head to the one in front of you and destroy it using your combos and abilities. Keep rolling around to avoid taking too much damage and go from statue to statue to destroy it.

It won’t take you too long to destroy each statue. Use the Healing Light to heal your character.

The boss will turn into a tornado-like figure and charge towards you, just dodge him by rolling out of his path.

Another one of the abilities of the Xan Bie boss will it will make a big lava ball spin around it, if you get hit by this ball you will be damaged.

Hence you need to keep dodging it as it will spin at moderate speeds.

The boss will use other abilities like Lava Wave, Heat Wave and Blaze Ball, just be sure to move around a lot to avoid running into one of these attacks.

Try to keep getting close to Xan Bie and land critical hits and abilities.

Destroying the statues will be the boss’s weakness, so you will need to keep on doing this, whenever the statue appears, head towards it and destroy it.

The Boss will actually have a lot of Health Power; hence it will take you a while to bring that rich Health Bar down to zero.

You can even keep switching between characters and their abilities to your own preference so that you can fight in the way you think can.

After a while, once you’ve destroyed a number of these statues, the boss will exhaust and settle down on the floor.

That’s when you will want to head in and deal as much damage as you can because Xan Bie will be vulnerable at this moment, and the boss will lose a lot of health to your attacks.

Proceed with the same strategy and you will eventually kill the boss where it will explode after a number of beams of light shine out of its body.

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