Trials of Mana Valsena Walkthrough

In this guide, we will discuss the complete walkthrough of Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains. To help you reach Valsena and progress further in the area, we have prepared this Trials of Mana Valsena Walkthrough.

Trials of Mana Valsena

After entering the castle, you have to go left and take the stairs in front of you. You will see a pot inside which is a chocolate. You have to take out all the machine golems here.

After that you will find a Black Mage, take it out and then keep moving north and new find an arch on the right side of this there would be Candy.

There would be a lot of enemies in the open area towards the north.  take them all out and  head into the castle.

You have to fight Chess knight here;  they are easy to defeat if you use a charged attack. The sparkles the corner have 40 Lucre and candy.

There will be Honey Elixir and 400 lucre in the chests behind the stairs.

There is another Chocolate in the chest on the north after you go west from here as the center staircase is blocked as well as the door on the east.

There will be more Chess Knights here for you to fight upstairs and after you are done with them, find the Sparkle in the corner.

In the corner on the right-side downstairs there is Candy along with Chocolate.

Head north after going back upstairs and then towards the balcony in the east and there would be 160 Lucre present in the room on the right. There would also be a Cup of Wishes there.

After this, go to the middle room and then you will have to go help the king and take out all the enemies in the room towards the north.

There is a room divider in the room to the right and behind it is a chest with a Cup of Wishes.

There are 70 lucre in the left room and a mole hole towards the north. After that you will have to go to Palo Port to meet Laurent, from there you will get the wind powers of Sylphid.

Now for this objective, go to the main room and talk to the soldier and your next task would be to go to the mechanic of the large cannon and wait for him to finish it.

Then you will go south towards the mole hole and get to the town.

When you get to the bar go north and there will be a Sparkle in the middle of the town that has two Lucre.

Another Sparkle towards the northeast has an Item Seed and another one with 4 lucre in the west and another Item seed is present in the Pot there along with a Stardust Herb in the west.

There would be a house there and inside it would be a Blonde guy with glasses, talk to him. Get a hold of the six Lucre there and go through the books there.

The interesting ones are; first one is about class changes the other one is about Benevodons.

From the library go south and there will be a sparkle on the back of the house that has six lucre. There is a chest with a Chocolate on the back of the bar as well.

Now we will do rapid-fire of all the areas you have to go to and pick up the items present there, so keep up. Head south then southwest to the flower bed and then behind the house.

Then from the benches near the bar, head southeast and cross the Inn towards the north.

You will come across an Item, Armor and weapon shop. In the lower right corner of the map, you will see Duran’s house that has a chest behind it.

In case you are not playing as Duran, you will get a new ability from Duran’s aunt called Life Wisdom.

There is another sparkle that has two lucre and a Cup of Wishes is on your west inside the house and a Li’l Cactus in a fence with a dog.

Now head to the big staircase and then go to the item shop and then to the Inn and then you will have to head Northeast to get your fortune read. Then return to the Blonde woman close to the statue.

Return to the castle in the north and talk to Von Jour and then head back to Maia and then to the Cannon of Von Boyage.

There Von Boyage will give you the ability called Will to Fight. Then go to Beiser from the Golden Road and then to the Mana Statue in the north. Then go west and you will get to Beiser.

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