Trials of Mana Stonesplit Gap Walkthrough

You’ll come across a total of three adversaries out of which one is your Boss enemy in Stonesplit Gap. Defeating it is a piece of cake and you can also grab a few Lucre on your way. In this guide, we have given the walkthrough Trials of Mana Stonesplit Gap area along with few tips on how you can beat Machine Golem R, the boss in this area.

The northern extent of the Golden Road is where you’ll find Cleft of the Earth or the Stonesplit Gap.

Trials of Mana Stonesplit Gap

The recommended level to start Stonesplit Gap is level 10 as you’ll come across a few level 8 adversaries such as Rabite, Goblin and a level 9 foe called Machine Golem R.

Once you’ve reached your destination, head right and find a health pot, grab it and move up the slope.

You’ll see more pots on your left however, each of them is empty. Ignore them and keep moving forward and you’ll have your first encounter with the adversaries.

Grab the 20 Lucre from the sparkle and Cup of Wishes from a chest in the little nook.

Once that’s taken care of, head south and drop down a few ledges to find a chest with Chocolate on your left.

From here, keep moving towards the north, use the Mana Statue and take the 30 Lucre.

Don’t forget to select everyone’s target as “Same Enemy” from the Strategy tab. Once that’s done, travel west of the next section and head up the bridge to trigger a small cutscene.

Machine Golem R Boss Fight
After the cutscene is over, the Altena Mages will release 2 robots straight at you. These robots have a lot of HP along with defense. They use three types of attacks. Smack, Drill Missile and the Rocket Launcher.

Smack is a simple attack where the robot smacks you if you’re in its range. So, don’t go near it and you’re safe from this attack.

Drill Missile is an attack where the robot raises its arms and shoots them causing a lot of damage to its opponent. Simply roll out of the targeted area to avoid it.

Just like Drill Missile, Rocket Launcher also functions the same, but this time the robot shoots missiles causing 10 damage per rocket all around the area.

This attack is dangerous because you’re hit multiple times in a row and can easily lower your health really quickly. So, whenever you’re open to fire, simply roll out and out of harm’s way.

All of these attacks follow one path when executed and can easily be avoided by rolling out of the way.

Plus, the slow speed of the robot makes it an easy target for you to kill. Simply use your Class Strikes accompanied by the Holy Bolt (If you brought Angela with you) and the Robot is easily destroyed.

Keep in mind to use the 50+ Candies you’ve collected once your party have their HP dropped to half as these robots can really decrease the party’s HP.

Other than that, this is a very easy boss to beat in Trials of Mana Stonesplit Gap

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