Trials of Mana Seaside Cavern Walkthrough

Trials of Mana Seaside Cavern is a wonderous place for players to explore, albeit full of danger. This walkthrough will contain all the information you might need about Seaside Cavern and the enemies you face in this area.

Trials of Mana Seaside Cavern

There are a number of enemies in Seaside Cavern, here is a list of them:

  • Polter Box
  • Tomatoman
  • Hobgoblin
  • Tonpole
  • Poto
  • Batmo
  • Tezla

Each enemy except the Polter Box will be of level 25.

Once you reach the Seaside Cavern, go inside and utilize the Mana Statue so that you can heal yourself up, after which you can save.

There will be 104 Lucre here, collect all of them and then take down the tomato enemies that you encounter. You will be able to get a Cup of Wishes from a chest that you run into.

As you proceed, grab all the Candy that you find and head towards the lower area of the Cavern.

Put down the enemies, while you will also find another chest with a Cup of Wishes inside it at the southern area.

Once you’ve had it, head further downwards and you will run into enemies. If you kill the tadpoles, you will be able to heal. The poles may even turn into lizards.

The tadpoles won’t really be strong, even after they turn into lizards, and nor will be the Poto enemy units that resemble dinosaurs.

There will be a cubby as you proceed, it will have a chest with a Gold Item Seed inside it.

Keep heading southwards, you will run into a jellyfish enemy unit here. The jellyfish tends to throw acid in front of it, so beware of that.

You will also want to heal yourself through the Mana Statue in this area of Seaside Cavern.

Once you get to a newer area, you will have to break down a wall made up of rocks by using your basic attacks.

Put down the enemies that you run into and open the chest for a Cup of Wishes.

After you’re done, go back and head southwards, towards the pond and into it. Kill all of the jellyfish here while you’ll also have to look out for their Crazy Dance attack.

You will be able to see a wall towards your south, destroy it and head up the slope to find the green-colored urn.

Go down for a chest which will have a Big Vambrace. This depends on the second companion that you chose.

Go ahead and you will face more enemies, kill the tadpoles and then collect the 150 Lucre from the sparkle.

Proceed northwards once you’re done, you will see enemies on the ledges, kill of all them.

There will be a chest here with 1200 Lucre inside of it, located at the top.

Head westwards where you will run into more enemies and a chest located close-by. This will be a Polter Box, you will have already collected all the chests for the Seaside Cavern by now.

Kill it to get a seed item, after which you will want to head southwards.

You will face more enemies on the way, go to the cubby located in the southwest.

There will be a Silver Item Seed here, after which you can go to the opposite way, and exit the area using the exit located southwards.

The guy who resembles a vampire will come to your rescue and lead you away from the volcano.

The guy will also give you the HP Boost II, which has a Vuscav Chain Ability that increases your base health power by 60. With this, you will have completed the Seaside Cavern.

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