Trials of Mana Revenant Boss Guide

This guide will cover all the aspects of the boss fight and provide tips on how to defeat Trials of Mana Revenant Boss as you journey through the game.

Trials of Mana Revenant Boss

Revenant is a level 65 boss with strong moves and is not easy to defeat due to the damage he outputs. You have to pick your party carefully, who can be supportive in both the manners meaning in attacking and defensive way.

You need to use correct moves at correct times and need to dodge Revenant’s attacks effectively because his attacks are going to drain a lot of your HP due to which you or your companion might end up being fainted.

The moves which the Revenant uses during the boss fight are:

  • Scratch Barrage
  • Demon Scream
  • Heal Hazard
  • Poison Cloud

Other than that, he spawns up his little zombie companions multiple times during the whole fight to help him win against you and your companions.

We would recommend the following characters to have in your party before taking on Revenant boss.

Kevin (main character)
The move which you should be used repeatedly with Kevin is Seiryu Strike. The reason is that it deals a lot of damage to Revenant and also to his spawned companions if there are any at that time.

Also, there are a number of chances in making a critical hit. Other than that Kevin is really good in attacking as he is fast with his movements and can dodge effectively

Angela (companion 1)
Though Angela has weak physical abilities, her strong powerful magic helps her to be a great support character. The move which is really effective is Doppelganger as it deals a lot of damage in an area.

This means it will be dealing up damage to Revenant and his companions at a single time in great numbers also creating a chance of making critical hits.

Charlotte (companion 2)
Well, Charlotte has poor combat skills but the reason she needs to be in your party is because of her curing abilities.

She plays an important supportive role in healing up your team. The moves which you should be using frequently with her are:

  • Healing light: it heals up all of your allies. This move is necessary to use because you will be losing a lot of your HP against the attacks of Revenant, so this move is very useful to help regain the HP so that none of your member gets fainted.
  • Twinkle Rain: this moves heals up the allies status effects besides of death. This move will be helpful to use because Revenant will be causing poison effects on you and your companions with his attacks, so this will be a great way to cure it instantly.
  • Undead Away: Chance of instantly destroying undead monsters
  • Holy Saber: Imbues ally’s weapons with light elemental damage

Other than this the item which you need to carry and is really important is “Cup of Wishes”. The main purpose of this item is to revive a fainted ally and restores all HP.

This item will be of great use because during the battle against the boss there will be a time when you or your companion might faint multiple times.

So, in order to get them back and have their help again, you need to use this item.

These are all the things which you need to look after before going for this Revenant boss battle. Keep these things in mind and you will surely end up defeating Revenant easily.

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