Trials of Mana Rabite Forest Walkthrough

After finally managing to escape from Jadd Stronghold, your next destination is Rabite Forest. In this guide, we will provide you with the complete Trials of Mana Rabite Forest Walkthrough to help out with the area.

Trials of Mana Rabite Forest

As you leave the town, save your game for safety.the forest is an open area and a fresh breath out of the crowded town area Head east down the path next to a small beach.

The first enemy you will face will be howlers. There’s a sparkle in the water for 4 lucre and a chest to the south with a Stardust Herb. On the way back you’ll get another 6 lucre.

Head back past the save statue and south. We’ll fight our first rabite enemies here.

Rabites have strong lunge attacks so beware of them. You can charge attacks when they approach you to make things easier. After the fight look at the sides of this area for a chest and a sparkle.

Keep heading south, looking off to your left as you pass some bushes for a Medical Herb. There’s an item seed by the tree up ahead too. You will be attacked by an Assassinant here.

These flying enemies can be dealt by jumping and attacking them to knock them out, then kill them. Get the seed up ahead.

To the left are Rabite enemies. Kill them and check the chest for 40 lucre. the area has some pots that can be destroyed. You will again face 2 rabite enemies here.

You will be forced to head west for 2 lucre and a candy, and 2 sparkles can be found along the way. Cross the bridge here and kill the rabite and flying enemies.

There’s another Medical Herb that you can pickup here too.

Up ahead is a path split. The northern path is a dead end.

In the open area, you can find an item seed behind the big rock, and a chest in the corner that gives 50 lucre.

Head back now and go south. Keep an eye on the left for some candy, then go save at the statue.

First, head west. The area has level 3 enemies, and a mushroom, so you need to use hit and run tactic to take them out. This does get you decent XP.

Head south now and follow the right wall around to the small north path and some chocolate in the chest.

Head straight south now, killing the rabite enemies and collecting two sparkles for 14 lucre total.

One is in the rock formations nearby, whereas some is in a jar. If you look behind the tree to the south you’ll find a hidden chest.

Go back north and west now. You will face flying enemies, so take them out as you head west.

Destroy the jars for some candy and kill the rabites. An item seed can be found through a sparkle.

To the west, near the gargoyle statue, you can find another sparkle, along with pots you can destroy.

Head south and look left around the stone bridge for a chest with some chocolate. Now head west, up the stairs.

here, you will face two mushrooms together, so be ready for a strong fight.

Now the mushrooms are dealt with, go talk to the person standing in the area. He will mention a strange light floating over the lake

Head all the way back to the Save Statue now. It is better that you save here again.

Now head south. Again kill the mushrooms here,and behind the tree, you can find an item seed. The pots nearby can be destroyed for a magic rope.

You’ll see some signs nearby. You are supposed to head to the path leading to Cascade Caravan.

The path to the south leads to the Lakeside Town Astoria. It is recommended that you first head to the town, before heading on to Cascade Caravan.

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