Trials of Mana Money Farming Guide

Lucre is the basic currency in Trials of Mana. You need it to pay for ship fare to travel, and to buy items in shops. Basically, you are going to need a lot of Lucre to live lavishly in the game, and in this Trials of Mana Money Farming guide, we will show you how to get more of it.

Trials of Mana Money Farming

It is easily understood that you need Lucre to have a smooth experience, however, they are not so easily found. This guide will help you understand and inform you of tips to farm money to make your adventure financially secure.

The most efficient method to increase the amount of money earned is by using incense. As you progress through the game, you get incense through chests and by item drop from seeds.

Incense is responsible for increasing the amount of money you earn per fight. This proves to be invaluable as for a short duration, every fight earns more Lucre to make you rich.

Different types of incense can be found in the game with a different rarity. They are given below. The higher the rarity, the better it’s output as the provide higher Lucre percentage per fight.

Ample Incense +10% Lucre earned Common
Rich Incense +15% Lucre earned Rare
Opulent Incense +20% lucre earned Very Rare

The incense of higher rarity has a higher chance to drop in late game areas. Stocking on incense is easy as you can farm them using seeds. This will drastically increase your Lucre amount.

Other then this, Lucre can be earned by selling off useless items and this way you can be rich in no time.

As you will be farming seeds and item drops from them, you can sell all the extra unwanted items to keep your inventory cleans, and get some extra handful Lucre.

Exploration can also be rewarding in sense, that Lucre can be found as fragment throughout the world in towns and dungeons. This should be kept in mind to get free Lucre throughout Trials of Mana.

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