Trials of Mana Molebear Moors Walkthrough

In this guide, we will discuss the complete walkthrough of Trials of Mana Molebear Moors area. You will start from the Mana Statue and this area is very beautiful. Once you get there save your game so that in case anything happens, you start from this point. Let’s get started with the Molebear Moors walkthrough.

Trials of Mana Molebear Moors

From the Mana Statue, go down the slope and then turn right and eventually you will come across a chest that has Chocolate in it.

When you have picked up the chocolate, pick up 30 lucre sparkle present in the shore in front of you and take out all the enemies present there which would mostly be Molebears and Batmos.

After this get candy from the sparkle in the northwest. When you have gotten the candy, head east and walk by the wall till you reach one more chest, this one also has a Chocolate in it.

You will come across a quest marker on top of a Mole hole. Get a Medical Herb from the shore before you go any close to it. You need to get Item Seed from in there.

When you jump inside the mole hole, go right and you will be able to get out.

Then you will have to fight some level 12 molebears. When you have dealt with them, get 40 LUCRE from sparkle present in the south on the other side of the shallow water.

You will discover The Beelancer area here. These would be a bit harder to fight enemies as they have the same skills that Riesz has.

Cross the lake from the east side and you will find a CANDY in the south. There are two mole holes here, get inside any one of those and you will go to the same place.

After that you have to go the bottom right according to your map and you will see three tunnel ends that have Honey Elixir, few Batmos and one would be the exit to the mole hole. But don’t come out just yet.

If you go north from  here, you will come across two more tunnels, the left one is the exit, don’t use that, go right and take out the enemies there and claim the reward of 800 LUCRE from the chest in the end.

After this you can use the exit and after getting out, go north and go inside the next mole hole you find.

When inside go west and then go north from the split and there would be a chest present outside that has a CORSEQUE.

You will have to go back in and then go south and you will come across two circular areas and you will find chocolate inside a chest there.

Head back towards the exit from the north tunnel and outside you will see another mole hole.

Do not go in that one as it is just a repetition of the previous holes but its other side has 60 lucre, be sure to grab those along with the chocolate from the chest behind the tree on the right.

After that you will find a chest near the ledge with the Cup of Wishes northwest of here.

After that, you will have to go east and get the Item Seed from the flower field and following the same path you will get to a split, don’t go north as there is a mole hole marker there.

Take a look at the other area. If you selected Duran in the beginning, then you would already have gone through this area before.

There is one more li’l Cactus down there so you should go there.

There is a sparkle on the right, get 6 LUCRE from it and then walk ahead to the fallen tree and on the left you will find CUP of Wishes inside a chest under a tree.

A Rabite will attack you, take care of it and go south and up and you will find 30 lucre inside a chest after the fallen tree log.

After that there is a split down there and you will choose the east side, there is a Chocolate in the chest at the end.

There is a ledge there, get on top of it and there will be another chest that has a Cup of Wishes but you will have to fight a Mushboom for it.

After that you will find 4 lucre from a sparkle near a bush towards the north.

There is a bridge ahead and that has two sparkles on the other side that will have Candy and Medical Herb.

There would be 10 LUCRE on the left. GO south after that and an enclosed pathway will take you to another slop on the right and you will get 2 lucre and candy from a sparkle and chest respectively. There is a bridge there as well and across it is a Li’l cactus.

From here you have to go to the cave down the slope and after the split go left and you will come across an Item Seed and then 6 lucre and candy.

Go ahead and then down the slope and you will find one more Li’l Cactus.

When you have completed the five Li’l Cactus sightings you will get a reward that lets you check the remaining chests in the map. There is a Magic Rope in the pots along with a chest with Cup of Wishes on the ledge on the right side.

Go west after this and from the sparkles on the other side of the bridge get 8 lucre and an Item Seed and then return to the split and head to Valsena in the north. You will find a sparkle that has an Item Seed, grab it and go back.

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