Trials of Mana Mispolm Boss Guide

Mispolm is a level 49 enemy that you will have to face in Trials of Mana. Mispolm will have a big pumpkin head on top of itself. Read this Trials of Mana Mispolm Boss guide to fight and defeat Mispolm.

Trials of Mana Mispolm Boss

As the Mispolm boss fight starts, you will notice a few living plant-like units nearby, head to them first, and destroy them with a couple of basic combos.

They will be easily killed. One of these will be a really long plant which you can put down by basic combos, the enemy unit will cut down as its health power reduces and it will eventually die.

Once you’re done, head towards Mispolm, who will momentarily sleep and become awake again.

Whenever the boss opens his eyes, that’s when they’ll land a strike or some sort of an attack on you.

The attacks will include Slash, Double Slash, Grumpkin, Poison Bubble, Barrage Sting and Wall.

At some point of the fight, the boss’s pumpkin head will come off and lay on the ground, this is when you really need to head in and lay as much damage as you can because the boss will be vulnerable.

After a few seconds, the boss will come back up while its plant-tentacles force out of the ground to strike you.

You will need to roll in and damage these tentacles as they are a part of the boss. If you damage these, you will be damaging the boss as well.

Keep making use of the healing abilities while you shift between different abilities to land on the boss.

After the boss has exhausted, it will come down on the floor again, this is when you need to go in and dish as much damage as you can.

Once the boss goes back up, it will unleash many plant-tentacles from the ground and use the Wall ability to deal as much damage as they can.

Go ahead and hit the tentacles to destroy them as quickly as you can.

Since the boss will be already at very low health, just keep hitting Mispolm and the tentacles at the same time.

Continue this and bring the health bar down to zero to finish the fight and win it.

Once you’ve killed the boss, the Mispolm boss’s pumpkin head will once again, fall down on the ground with a big sad face, and the tentacles will drop as well, after which the big pumpkin head will turn into energy and blast away.

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