Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations Guide

This Trials of Mana Remake guide will let you know all the Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations to help you find these collectible items and obtain the rewards.

Trials of Mana Lil Cactus Locations

Li’l Cactus are peculiar plant creatures in Trials of Mana Remake that are found all over the map, sometimes in plain sight on the usual path and sometimes cleverly hidden.

Finding a number of Li’l Cactus rewards you with XP boosts, shop discounts, treasures and much more.

Below are all the Li’l Cactus locations in the game

Golden Road
Follow the path leading to the west until it turns right at a small set of stairs. Take the right and just around the turn, the Li’l Cactus is under a tree by the road.

Free City of Maia
At the docks, you’ll find the Li’l Cactus on top of the shop covered in white cloth just by the ship. Get onto them from the higher street and jump from one to another to get to the last one at the edge; on top of it rests the Li’l Cactus.

Dwarf Tunnels I
The cactus is in an open area inside the tunnel where a sitting area with a fire in the center is set up. The place is in the west, across the wooden bridge.

Molebear Moors I
The Li’l Cactus is a bit off-road past the bridge. You’ll find it across two Beelancer that try to attack you, there is also a chest on the left side there. From there, cross the wooden bridge to find it on the other side.

Stonesplit Gap II
You’ll find the Li’l Cactus upon a stone pillar, on the path just by a fire lantern.

Perk: View undiscovered treasure boxes.

Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains
The Li’l Cactus is in the north-east corner of the town just beside the hut in the corner, by the staircase from which smoke is rising. The Li’l Cactus is inside the fence fence to its right with a dog.

Merchant Town Beiser
Go straight from the entrance of the town and turn right after the first set of stairs going down. Turn right again at the wall, behind the houses in the corner is hidden the Li’l Cactus.

Palo Port
From the entrance, go straight till stairs going up come on your left where the weapons shop is. Take the stairs up and turn left towards the tree on the side. The Li’l Cactus is underneath it.

Heavensway I

  1. Take the path on the left from the entrance of this area. The path leads to the beach. Once at the beach, you’ll find the Li’l Cactus on the left under the shade of palms by the rocks.
  2. At the end of the area where there is a network of waterfalls. You’ll find the Li’l Cactus up a set of stairs and across a wooden mini-bridge just by the waterfall.

Perk: 10% discount at the shops

Jadd Stronghold I
The Li’l Cactus is in the south-west corner of the stronghold underneath the stairs in there.

Rabite Forest

  1. Go left from the golden angle statue afront the long bridge. The path leads to a beach where you’ll find it on the left.
  2. Near the treasure chest, you’ll find it up a couple of stairs. It’ll be in plain sight.

Lakeside Town of Astoria
From the entrance where there are a couple of broken blue-roofed houses with the lake upfront. The Li’l Cactus will be resting on the lawn of the first house.

Gusthall I

  1. From the entrance, take a left into a gorge to see the Li’l Cactus just ahead. Perk: Get occasional 2x boost to Exp
  2. From the last location, take the main path straight ahead. Take the first left and don’t leave the path until a cave comes on your right that has gust blowing in it visible from outside. Use the gust to get to the raised ground on the left where the Li’l Cactus is.

Snow Hamlet Alrant
Go straight towards the stone center area from the entrance then turn right and get to the house on the north-east. Just beside its door is the Li’l Cactus.

Frostbite Fields

  1. From the entrance, go straight until you come to an open area after which the path splits. Before that, keep moving with the right wall and a short, inclined path will come on which the Li’l Cactus is placed right in front, beneath a tree.
  2. Right after the wooden bridge on the left side around the corner under a tree is the Li’l Cactus.

Labryth of Ice I
It’s just underneath the crystal hovering over a couple of icicles on the ground.

Perk: Time needed to escape from battle is halved

Desert Capital Sirhtan
Inside the sandy gorge on one side of the city behind the wall. The entrance leads from behind one of the houses.

Burning Sands

  1. This one is in the are below the sandfall blended inside the plants there.
  2. The Li’l Cactus is in the narrow path that takes you to the back area with pillars after you jump up a creature to continue on the path.

Fiery Gorge I
Inside the area with the path on lava where flames shoot out of the wall. The Li’l Cactus will be just behind the corner; you’ll have to jump down the path on the right to find it there.

Oasis of Diin
Behind the weapons shop, the Li’l Cactus is hidden behind two boulders; it’s facing the water and is just beside the wooden plank.

Perk: Rest inn is now free of charge and you have a 20% discount at shops.

Moonlight Town Mintas
From the narrow path that leads to the beach, take a right down the stairs to the mushroom garden. The Li’l Cactus is behind the tree there, facing the pond.

Duskmoon Forest
This one is on a circular path in the forest on a higher platform facing the water. You’ll know of it by the fallen tree trunk that’ll let you get up there.

Chartmoon Tower I
In the area with the floating crystal, the Li’l Cactus is on the far-left corner of this room.

Duskmoon Forest
This one is on the near side of the bridge that leads to the castle. It’s on the right side and underneath the bridge.

Lampbloom Woods III
Its on one side of the path with the white glowing flowers. Very easy to spot.

Perks: More items are now available and the Training Points at the Night Market are now half off.

Flowerbug Dior
This one is on the narrow pathway where the curved bridge is that leads to the mansion. There is a glowing flower garden there, the Li’l Cactus is on the left side in a corner behind the white flowers.

Lampbloom Woods I
At the 8-shaped paths on the map, take a left from the golden angle statue to find the Trials of Mana Lil Cactus location on the right side of the path.

At the intersection that takes you to the beaches, there are a couple of statues lining the path leading away from the beaches. The Li’l Cactus is on the right side of the path when coming from the beaches blended in the trees.

Laurent I
This is behind the Laurent Gate near the golden angle statue.

Labyrinth of Ice II
From the angle statue at the crossed road, go right of the angle on the stepped path going up towards a frost dragon. Keep going on the path, the Li’l Cactus is on a platform nearby on the right.

Perk: You’ll now be able to view undiscovered treasure boxes and Li’l Cactus sightings.

Woods of Wandara III
From the entrance, head towards the pack of Mushglooms where there is a chest on behind them on a raised platform. The Li’l Cactus is one platform above the chest.

Woods of Wandara VII
This one is hidden behind the root of the huge tree in the woods. The tree has a raised path lead around it. Li’l Cactus is on the side where Beelancers are positioned.

Fiery Gorge I
In the lava area where the Captain Ducks are, this one is across the flames shooting out of the wall.

Molebear Moors I
In the garden area near the fenced wooden bridge, the Li’l Cactus rest on one side of the bridge behind some boulders.

Daria, Gem Valley I

  1. This one is near an open area on the round path on the map. The path has stepped rocks on it. Perk: Occasional 3x boost to EXP.
  2. This one is on the other circular path where green gases are coming out of mini-geysers. There also is an angle statue in that area.

Shimmering Bridge
From the north-east most corner of this area, the Li’l Cactus is on the path leading to the south at its broken edge.

Shimmering Ruins
Go to the right of the golden angel statue and take the first left towards the room with a lot of massive bricks. Li’l Cactus is hidden behind one of them.

 Chartmoon Tower VIII
Facing away from the golden angle, Li’l Cactus is towards the north-east side where the exit is.

Ancient Capital Pedda
The Li’l Cactus is up on the wall of this area just above the entrance. Go to the far right side to take the stairs up onto the path on the walls and turn back towards the entrance to find it in the corner of the path.

Perk: Higher chance of good yields for seeds.

Holy City Wendel
From the center area, go on the path right of the armor shop to find Li’l Cactus at the end.

Cascade Cavern I
From the entrance, there are two paths; one lead to the golden angle. Take the other path and then take a left into a cave raised from the ground. In it is a chest along with Li’l Cactus.

Crystal Desert I

  1. In the entrance where Gremlins and Antversary are situated, enter the room behind them. You’ll find Wormwood, Beholder and Dark Assassins in there. Li’l Cactus is on one side of this room.
  2. From the crossroad where another pathway goes above, you go to the right on the curved pathway where a chest is placed too. Li’l Cactus is just around the corner.

Sanctuary of Mana
On a looped path, Li’l Cactus will be found hiding behind a log.

Perk: You’ll obtain the Li’l Cactus Ring and gain the Li’l Cactus Chain ability.

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