Trials of Mana Lightgazer Boss Guide

If you have played Trials of Mana then you will be well aware of the Benevodons of the game, these are the elemental creatures of strong and destructive powers. Lightgazer is one of these Benevodons and you will face Trials of Mana Lightgazer Boss after you get through shimmering ruins.

We have prepared this guide for you to explain the complete boss fight with Lightgazer, how you can defeat it, everything. So let’s get started with the Lightgazer boss fight guide.

Trials of Mana Lightgazer Boss Fight

So basically, Lightgazer is actually an elemental and incarnation of disaster and has been in existence even before the world itself.

He was defeated by the Goddess of Mana, just like the demon goat boss Dolan, and sealed in the Mana Stone of Light.

He gets released from the stone when villains get ahold of the Mana Stone in Trials of Mana and now he’s been underground in the Shimmering Ruins in order to recover and build up his strength to once again wreak havoc on the world.

Your heroes will face it after getting through the Shimmering ruins, Lightgazer will appear himself and attack your heroes.

Now as you know that he is a light elemental creature so naturally he is going to be weak against darkness attacks and also against magic.

Keep in mind that it can be healed through light-based attacks so try to avoid them.

We recommend you to be at level 35-40 to face the Lightgazer and use the heroes Dark Saber, Carmilla claw and Grell oil.

He has the ability to dematerialized like all other Benevodons and then rematerialize, so keep in mind that he will only take damage when fully materialize.

Lightgazer will fire Light spheres, then it can also cast level 1 Holy Bolt spell and level 2 Lucent Beam.

Gust Blast and Shackles are his big attacks that can deal huge amount of damage to one or all the heroes in the arena.

Here are all the attacks that he uses during the fight:

  • Rock Skipping (one hero)
  • Attack Power Down (one hero)
  • Holy Ball (all heroes) – Level 1 Light spell
  • Saint Beam (one/all heroes) – Level 2 Light spell
  • Saint Saber (one hero) – Casts on a party member to change his/her attacks to Light-element, causing all physical attacks to heal Lightgazer
  • Magic Shield – Raises magic defense
  • Heal Light – Casts on self at 1/4 HP
  • Prisoner (all heroes) – Moogle effect
  • Geyseblast (all heroes)

This is all the information on the Lightgazer and it will help you defeat this elemental boss.