Trials of Mana Laurent Citadel Walkthrough

Finally, it is time to retake Citadel Laurent and they are really setting you up for this. This Trials of Mana Laurent Citadel walkthrough is going to give a complete walkthrough of everything you are going to experience during your objective of retaking Citadel Laurent.

Trials of Mana Laurent Citadel

So just when it starts, there will be Candy x9 and Cup of Whishes x3 in the barrels nearby. Grab the stuff and head forward to Citadel Laurent.

On the left to the well, there will be an Item Seed. There is also a door to the far right. Grab the 10 Lucre from there and then head back inside.

There are two more rooms to the right. Visit both of the rooms and you will get your hands on Item Seed and 60 Lucre.

And go to the left rooms and you will be able to save the game and also find Candy x2 there.

There is another room to the right in front of you. Head in there to find a chest containing a Cup of Wishes.

Now head towards the hallway. You will have to fight some Assassins here. Once you have dealt with them, go outside and take a sharp left. You will find a chest with Chocolate here.

Head towards the Battlements then and you will find 6 Lucre. There will be two doors here. Take the middle one to get into the Throne room.

Make your way through the western hallway and you will have two fights in here.

Once you have dealt with the enemies, head back outside and take the stairs to go up. You will find a chest here to your left with Chocolate in it.

There will be a blacksmith in the back and the area around has a Candy. Then head to the Starred door to the right to continue through the Citadel.

You will have to make your way through several fights in here – one specifically with an enemy known as Evil Sword.

Once you have dealt with all the foes here, go to the top and you will fight some Assassins. After defeating them, you can get your hands on a chest with a Cup of Wishes.

There will be another Starred door here. Go through it and you will come across another Assassin.

There will be a sparkle nearby from which you can collect a Candy. Go ahead further then and you will witness some more enemies.

Finally, head out of place and check the cubby to the right for 100 Lucre.

Head back inside and you will have to deal with the Knights and Imps. Once you have dealt with them, head north.

Go ahead further and you will come across a split path. Head through the Starred door by fighting with the enemies.

There will be a chest there with Poseidon Claws x3. There will also be a Mana statue nearby to save your game.

Be sure to put the Poseidon Claws in your item wheel as you are going to experience 2 boss fights ahead.

Laurent Citadel Boss Fights
You will now experience a boss fight with Zehnoa. Zehnoa is, in fact, a wall that makes traps in the room and deals fire attacks.

You should be using Water Attacks and also try to use the Poseidon Claws as some shape-shifting enemies will keep summoning up.

Once you have dealt with the Zehnoa wall, go ahead further and you will come across yet another Boss fight. This time, it is against Bill and Ben.

This fight is not too hard as long as you are dodging properly and dealing counter damages.

Try to finish one of them first and the second one becomes easier to defeat.

So after defeating them both, some scenes will trigger and soon you will be out of the Laurent with a new objective to Head to Valsena.